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Stop Job-Blocking Yourself: 5 Golden Employment Opportunities You’re Missing

Stop Job-Blocking Yourself: 5 Golden Employment Opportunities You’re Missing

No longer are you able to get a job that is well-paid and well-fitted by simply attending college after graduation. Unusual opportunities for earning a living are plentiful, not only has entrepreneurship seen a dramatic rise in the past 20 years. These new ideas will help you get the most out of your job search. You’ll find work that is not only appreciated and well-paid.

1. Do not apply for jobs you aren’t qualified for.

Quality work ethic and the required qualifications for a job are just as difficult to find these days. As more businesses and their owners strive to work smarter and not harder, they understand the importance of turnover and are willing to spend time training promising candidates. Don’t sell yourself short! Your relevant training and experience will be your best assets. You can also demonstrate your commitment and coachability to employers who are willing to invest in you.

2. You can apply for jobs that aren’t currently available.

Managers and owners of the best companies will tell you that there is always room for good employees to join their team. Do not wait for the right position to become available or be publicly advertised. No matter if an opening was posted, dress up and bring your resume. You might be the one who makes them evaluate their staff and fire someone to make way for you.

3. Broaden your search to include national companies that might be interested in remote positions.

You have a dream job but you are working for an outside company. It’s not a pipe dream. Scroll down to the bottom of their homepage and search for an employment link. Send a cover letter and resume to the email address of the hiring manager if there are no open positions for remote workers. Make sure you tell them where you live and what programs you know. This will help you with training and correspondence.

4. You can consider careers that don’t require college degrees.

Many careers require more education than a high school diploma but less than a college graduate. Many of these jobs are part-time or fully certified programs. These professions include: funeral arranging, real-estate, plumbing, electric and tree service.

5. When you are employed, look for better opportunities.

It’s best to search for the perfect job while you are still employed. Unemployed people have a different attitude towards potential employers than those who are job-searching. Sometimes our energy is tainted with past disappointments, fear, insecurity, doubt, or even worse, our despair. We have the unique opportunity to make use of our current security and confidence while still employed. Your loyalty to your employer is admirable but it’s not always reciprocated. You should never deny your family the chance for a better future. Only the best employers will get it. Employers who don’t respect you will only accept that you are looking for a better job elsewhere.

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