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Facing the 4th Industrial Revolution With Confidence

Facing the 4th Industrial Revolution With Confidence

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us all and it will bring anxiety to job-seekers and workers who fear that they will not be able to find their dream jobs. Many may fear that robots and automation will take over their jobs. Many of these people will feel helpless and even depressed.

Is it now that robots are able to take over the workplace? Are they more attractive as job prospects than their human counterparts?

Is our workplace becoming more cold and depressed? Are we losing the ability to innovate and be creative?

These are some ways to deal with this new workplace.


It is essential to take an active interest in your industry’s development. Start by looking up the latest news online and attending conferences hosted by industry experts.


To continue working, you need to confirm that you have the industry-recognized certification. You can seek guidance from your mentors or trade associations if you are not sure.

Learn about your job scope

This is a great opportunity to review your job scope and reflect on it. Now, you can reflect on your current knowledge about the complex processes. Do you have a complete understanding of the industry’s operation?


Be open-minded after a thorough industry analysis to determine which parts of your job can be automated. That’s right. You heard me right.

It’s better to accept the inevitable and to try to figure out which areas of your job will be eliminated from your day-to-day work process. To avoid overreaction, it is important to prepare.


It is also important to calculate the time you have to complete your original work. You should then consider how you can increase your responsibilities and/or reduce your working hours.

Job Redesign

This is your best chance to examine a job restructuring and see how your job fits in with the overall organisational structure. You may discover that your main work location needs to be changed to better align with the rest of the work process. This will allow you to work more efficiently and reduce your effort.

Skills Upgrade

You must be proactive about researching the skills you will need to adapt to your new job after the expected job change. It is important to think about the future and be positive when searching for new skills. Also, consider how your company can pay for your training fees. You may be required to sign a bond in order to remain with your company for a certain period.


It is important to meet with your HR to discuss how you would like to be paid. This is important because your HR might be using outdated KPIs to measure your productivity. This could have led to a salary that is too low in the past.


Let’s face facts. We live in an age where disruption is the norm and not the exception. You must be flexible and open-minded to adapt to new situations, not be rigid in your old ways of thinking. It’s no longer business as usual.

Different generational forces

Now you are part of a diverse workforce with different generations and unique experiences. To be informed about the terms of your employment contract, keep the conversation going.


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