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7 Strategies To Make Your Resume Engaging

7 Strategies To Make Your Resume Engaging

Resume Tip No. 1 – Engaging Summary

1. It is considered a bad idea to have a resume objective. It has been used for more than 20 years.

2. The objective was used to inform the employer about the job requirements of the candidate. It is no longer relevant today as it is clear that you are searching for a job.

3. This summary focuses on your potential contributions as a candidate to the employer. This section is called the “feel-good” section. This is the equivalent of a handshake.

4. Your resume will be more human if you highlight your soft skills.

Resume Tip 2 – Engaging Headings

* If you are a new or experienced professional, please use “Core competencies”. Please list the categories that you are proficient in.

* If you have a longer work history, use “Professional Expertise”. Yes, you can summarize them all here.

* If you are technical competent, use “Technical Competencies”. This area is important for those who apply for technical jobs.

Resume Tip 3 – Engaging Experience

1. People tend to pay more attention to job descriptions and job tasks than they do accomplishments. Do not do this.

2. Include your results, effects, and contributions from former jobs along with the company name and job title, and the years of employment.

3. These should be concise, short, and succinct.

4. Be sure to mention the most important points first.

5. First, list the most important bits.

6. Do not exceed 7.

Resume Tip 4 – Engaging Education Highlights

1. The education section lists the institution, the dates you attended and the degree/certificate you received.

2. This area should also include professional development, continuing education, and on-the job training.

3. Bonus: Tell us something you’re currently doing. Demonstrates that you are eager to learn and grow.

Resume Tip 5 – Engaging Finish

1. Here, you can add any elements that aren’t appropriate for the other sections.

2. This could be a technical position that requires experience with customized or proprietary software.

3. You could also include leadership activities in an executive role.

4. You can find out more about major awards, recognitions, and achievements here.

Tip 6: Engage All The Way

1. The entire Resume can be encapsulated in a single package.

2. Focus & Brand are a unique combination

3. Give your employer something more to look forward too

4. Make sure everything, from the design to presentation, is unique

5. Remember that content is the king!

Resume Tip 7 – Engaging 101

1. You don’t have to assume that you are good at your job. This is best left to professionals. Mentoring will increase your chances of engaging!


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