Why Mahesh Bhatt Is Backlashed By Bollywood Fans.


Mahesh Bhatt is a big name in the industry as he owns the famous Bhatt camp which is one of the leading film producers in the Bollywood industry.

Mahesh Bhatt has attracted many controversies with his interviews and opinions that he shared with the audience via his films and interactions.

Disclaimer: In this article, we are trying to be neutral while giving the possible reasons and controversies that went against him.

Before we head into the list of controversies related to Mahesh Bhatt, take a look at his journey. Mahesh Bhatt started his career in the industry as an assistant director.

The director rose to fame after the critical success of the movie Arth. While the director claimed that he took the inspiration from his life, many doubted if it was an original idea.

Mahesh Bhatt has made many popular movies in the 80s and 90s that include Janam, Saaransh, Aashiqui, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Saathi, and Sir which established him as one of the great directors in the Bollywood industry.

However, he was always into the news and not only for his directorial work. Here check out the list of controversies due to which he was backlashed by Bollywood fans.

The inappropriate Father-daughter relationship

Mahesh Bhatt shocked everyone when he featured in the magazine cover with his daughter Pooja Bhatt. He was seen kissing his daughter on the lips. Later, in an interview, he mentioned if Pooja Bhatt wasn’t his daughter then he would have marry her. The director apologized for his wild statement by saying he was in a bad phase.

The book launch titled “RSS Ki Saazish”

The unforgettable terror Attack 26/11 was written by many writers. Mahesh Bhatt, The congress leader Digvijay Singh, and many others were in the book launch who believe RSS was behind the attack of 26/11.

This incident drew everyone’s attention after the revelation that Mahesh’s son Rahul Bhatt is friends with David Headley.

David Headley is one of the prime suspects in the terror attacks. Rahul Bhatt is a fitness trainer and he met David at a gym. There were rumors that Headley informed Rahul to not go to South Mumbai on 26/11.

The Suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput

The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput became the prime topic in almost every news channel.

Mahesh Bhatt was also linked to the suspects who cornered the actor in the industry. According to sources, Rhea Chakraborty And Mahesh Bhatt have been dating each other after Rhea was signed for the movie Jalebi. Many allegations were made against the actress and Mahesh Bhatt for not being professional with actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

The director cleared that he met Sushant twice for personal reasons but he never discussed any film projects with him.

Mahesh Bhatt supporting Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik is notorious as a fugitive Islamic preacher who is responsible for radicalizing unsuspecting Muslim youths into terrorism.

Mahesh Bhatt drew everyone’s attention when he said that he wanted to make a biopic on Zakir Naik. Mahesh Bhatt has also defended Osama Bin Laden during media sessions.

Mahesh Bhatt disrespecting Hindu values

Mahesh Bhatt is a son of Nanabhai Bhatt and Shirin Mohammad Ali who is Hindu Brahmin and Gujarati Muslim respectively. He said he always hated Lord Shiva when he found out his name Mahesh came from Lord Shiva.

In his interviews, he mentioned that lord Shiva slit his son’s throat in anger which is nothing God-like. However, he worships Lord Ganesha and keeps Ganesh’s statue with him.

Mahesh Bhatt is not a legitimate child

In one of his interviews, Mahesh Bhatt mentioned that he didn’t know what being a father feels like.

He later clarifies that his father Nanabhai Bhatt never married his mother. While Nanabhai Bhatt was married to Hemlata Bhatt, Shirin Mohammad Ali was just his mistress. However, his father gave his name to the kids.

The Choices of Movies he made

Mahesh Bhatt also pointed out the double standard of the censor board and often showed disappointment when his movies were censored for explicit scenes.

Bhatt camp is famous for making appealing sensual movies and he often said the censor board is partial as they allowed Yashraj banner’s movies but censor Bhatt camp’s movies.

In addition to this, there are many incidents where Mahesh Bhatt was criticized for his different opinions. Do tell us what you think about the director?