Whattt Mithun’s house is under supervision of 76 dogs!!


Mithun Chakraborty is one of the richest stars in Bollywood. At present he has been away from limelight for a long time. His last film was ‘Aajaajada’ which was released in 2015. Despite of not acting in films, Mithun Da’s annual turnover is about Rs 240 crore. Many hotels of him run under the names of Gemini’s Monarch Group.

On Mithun Da’s 66th birthday, know about some facts related to his lifestyle. Mithun Da has two bungalows in Mumbai. One in Bandra and the other in Mud Island. To safeguard his house, Mithun da has kept 38 dogs, he is really fond of animals. Mithun has also joined the Dog Care Center Kenel Club of India which is caretaker NGO for dogs. In addition to dogs, he has a collection of many unique birds at his house.

These animals are kept in the AC room. There are several games to play here. This army of dogs are tied with ropes in the day and opened at night. Mithun’s house is considered to be one of the safest homes in Mumbai.

In addition to Mumbai, there are about 76 dogs in Mithun’s Ooty house.

But these days, Mithun is busy preparing for the marriage of his son Mimoh.