Things That Went Viral In 2020.


Certainly, the year 2020 was probably one of the worst years. Due to this current Covid-19 pandemic, this year has been a drastic one for all of us. Right!?? Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome. The first case was identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

It has since spread worldwide, leading to an ongoing pandemic. While this year has just come to an end, we today, in this post, have come up with the list of some of the most viral trends of 2020 that gave us some reasons to smile this year. Let’s have a look: 

1. Dalgona Coffee

Now, this was something beyond imagination in the first place. Right? While everyone was forced to stay indoors to curb the spread of coronavirus, the recipe for dalgona coffee started going viral back in April. From Instagram to Twitter and Facebook, the whipped coffee had taken over social media overnight. This coffee took a storm on the internet and urged everyone to try making the same at home.

2. Binod

Okay, so this one was certainly something that went viral but its origin and relevance are still not known to many. The Binod meme came out of nowhere, exploded on the internet, and is now a nonsensical reference almost everyone gets. It emerged from youtube and turned into a massive meme in a short period on the internet. The name became massively viral after a video of popular YouTube channel Slayy Point discussed comments under their videos that made no sense whatsoever.

This was when they talked about a user named Binod Tharu who just commented ‘Binod’ on one of their videos. Following this, the name Binod turned into a massive phenomenon with netizens mentioning it to everyone. From celebrities to brands, the meme found millions of fans online. 

3. Woh Rashi Thi / twada Kutta Tommy / biggini shoot

Yashraj Mukhate! Well, the videos by Yashraj Mukhate went extremely viral after his first composition “Rasode Mein Kaun Tha!?” This Indian engineer turned music producer, composer and social media personality got famous for his most unique amalgamation of funny snippets from a TV Show along with a catchy tune.

It took over the internet and many influencers and creators recreated the video in their creative yet quirky ways. Apart from this, his other compositions – Biggini shoot and recently posted Twada Kutta Tommy, Saada Kutta Kutta, were also amongst the most viral trends of 2020 which are yet being praised by all.

4. Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput

The sudden demise of the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput shook the fans and broke on the internet. The fans were extremely disheartened to hear the news which eventually turned into rage when everyone came up for justice for the exceptionally talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

5. Kya challa hai

This animated video went viral on youtube during the lockdown and was liked by the people since it showcased the situation and emotions of the people during the lockdown. How the line “Kya Challa Hai” was delivered in the video was quite funny and made its space in one of the viral trends of 2020. The video has around 104K views as of now.

6. Cooking photos

This trend was certainly something that got out the hidden chef in everyone. Well, amid the pandemic several internet users took social media platforms to share their quick recipes which helped keep them full and happy. From baking cakes to satiating the desire for roadside chaat by making it at home, netizens posted all their endeavors as they sharpened their cooking skills. Some people took it to the next level by posting videos and photos daily. 

7. Janta Curfew – Thaal bajana video

While everyone was getting bored and irritated during the initial lockdown phase, PM Narendra Modi came up with an idea to keep the people engaged. This idea included “thaal bajana” where all the people were supposed to beat the utensils at 5 pm. However, the video of an over-enthusiastic lady went viral who was shouting out loud while beating up the plate. Apart from this, there were other activities such as: lighting up a Diya and clapping that also went viral.

9. Lucky Ali video

The famous singer Lucky Ali made an unexpected comeback when he shared a video of himself playing ‘O Sanam’ on Instagram. The 90s singer looked visibly older but the sweetness of his voice had not changed. Soon after, actor Nafisa Ali Sodhi also shared a video of Lucky Ali playing the song in Goa. While the latter might have created some controversy over attendees not wearing face masks, Lucky Ali still saved the year in his way!

10. Leonardo meme

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood and is famous for his work in movies like Inception, Django Unchained, Wolf of the Wall Street, Titanic, etc. There has been a staggering amount of ‘Leonardo DiCaprio drinking’ memes trending on social media. Some people have started addressing the actor as ‘meme king’ as well. This particular meme where Leonardo DiCaprio holds a glass of wine while donning a funny smile and a sarcastic expression has been the template for many popular memes online. This viral still is from Leonardo DiCaprio’s climax scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

11. Go corona video

While everyone was being precautious due to the pandemic, the video of Union Minister Ramdas Athawale chanting ‘Go corona, corona go’ went viral on social media.

12. Baba ka Dhaba

this incident showcases the power of social media. No one had any idea about who and what Baba Ka Dhaba was. It all started when Gaurav posted a video of the 80-year-old couple getting emotional on his Instagram page. The video showed how the pandemic hit the small businesses of food stalls. This video became a viral sensation on the internet after which many influencers and celebrities came out to help them and it went trending amongst all.

13. time wrap scan

You don’t wanna miss this viral effect that everyone is talking about. It is super hilarious as it freezes the frame and shows us what would happen if we get trapped and wrapped in time. This crazy and quirky challenge has gained momentum and everyone is loving it.

14. shoe flip challenge

Though this challenge started in early September, it took social media by storm in October. This popular and super cool challenge has made it to the list of viral trends. You simply need to flip your shoe with swag and then switch to a new glamorous look altogether. This trend is yet in trend and everyone must have tried this trend at least once by now, right!?

15. Ludo King

Ludo King is an Indian game app and was developed by an Indian company named Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. This online game became the most downloaded app in India in March 2020. The game is a virtual version of the classic board game Ludo. 

16. Neha Kakkar Marriage

Singer Neha Kakkar tied the knot with singer Rohanpreet Singh in a traditional way in Delhi on October 24. The wedding ceremony was attended by the couple’s close friends and family. After this, the couple’s video song together further added to viral trends of 2020.

17. Ambani’s grandson

The last one in the list is about the Reliance Industries (RIL) Chairman and Managing Director (MD) Mukesh Ambani recently became a grandfather after a son was born to his eldest son Akash Ambani on December 10. The photo of Mukesh Ambani with his grandson went viral and gave rise to various memes that took over the internet.