Video of Deepak Kalal being beaten by strangers went viral, checkout post for further details!!

Rakhi Sawant’s so-called fiancée Deepak Kalal is social media sensation and is known for his videos with strange content. Deepak Kalal has a huge fan following on social media and keeps posting his pictures and hilarious videos with his family on social media.

The social media sensation manages to gain attention by showcasing his talent on various platforms. Before gaining popularity, he was working as a receptionist at a hotel in Pune.

Deepak Kalal is a well-known face in Pakistan and Bangladesh too and his social media is filled with various videos from Kashmir. With the huge fan following Deepak also have a massive lot of haters because of his cringe and weird videos.
Recently, Deepak shared a video on YouTube where some strange men are hitting and assaulting him and he is seen crying and apologizing for his deprived content and his nuisance on social media.

Those men are seen telling him to stop uploading such kind of videos because these are also watched by children and they put negative effect of child’s upbringing.
To which Deepak is seen apologizing and promising that he won’t resort to his usual gimmicks and that he will never post such content again.
Checkout the video: