Unseen Pictures of Hardik Pandya’s Penthouse In Vadodara

India is a country where the audience looks up to two particular fields, movies, and cricket for fulfilling their quota of entertainment. Bollywood and Cricket have crossed paths on various platforms.

Be it for their movie promotions or IPL, the rumors of cricketers being linked with Bollywood actresses had always have, are, and will always be nearby till eternity!!!

Also, cricket is not called a glamorous sport solely because of its wealth and fame, but also due to its deep relationship with Bollywood. Over the years there have been several instances where actresses and cricketers have been romantically involved.

Talking in particular about the most talked about couple in the cricket world, of course after Anushka and Virat are Natasha and Hardik Pandya. This couple continuously made it to headlines since the time they announced to get engaged. Last year, Natasa Stankovic became one of the biggest buzzes and the most searched person on the internet after the famous cricketer Hardik Pandya announced his engagement to her via an Instagram post on New Year’s day!! 

Hardik Pandya uploaded a couple of photos in which he can be seen spending time with Natasa Stankovic and their close friends. In a short clip that he had uploaded, Hardik and Natasa are dancing to a Bollywood romantic number sung by his friends.

How the cricketer proposed the actress is like a dream proposal for any girl, Right?? Well, while all this remains history now, the couple again made headlines when Natasha got pregnant right after her marriage. The couple got blessed with a baby boy named Agastya which was welcomed by the couple last year itself in July 2020. 

But today, with this post we have come up with some unseen yet beautiful pictures from Hardik Pandya’s luxurious family penthouse in Vadodara. This beautiful penthouse in Vadodara used to be the residence for the family which was taken care of by Hardik’s parents. However, now the penthouse is a residence for two endearing families of Natasha – Hardik, and Krunal-Pankhuri along with their kids. 

The family has a lot of attachment with the house which used to be the party hub for both Hardik and Krunal friends. But now, the family hosts a bunch of lunches, family parties and is the venue for family gatherings and festivities too.

Going into the details of their lifestyle and house, the house is said to have a private theatre as mentioned by Krunal in an interview. Apart from this, all four of them are very fond of expensive labels and jewelry. Being a fashion influencer, it comes naturally for Pankhuri to be loaded with a range of stunning outfits, and shoes.

Without much delay, let’s take you to some of the unseen pics from their luxurious house:

Luxurious guestroom

Hardik Pandya’s Bedroom

Krunal Pandya’s Bedroom



Other Rooms


Dining Area

Living room

Private Theatre




Other places in the house