Unknown person revealed secrets of Bollywood celebs

Airport looks of celebs nowadays catch a lot of attention as their films do and because of which they remain into buzz all the time. But there is another view point which cannot be seen on the camera.

An unnamed security officer revealed what the celebrities do when they are at the airport. Do they throw tantrums? Why do the C-grade celebrities demand security? What about star kids and the new actors on the block?

The officer answered everything in a Reddit AMA.

Look at those questions:

  1. Deepika and Ranveer fans – this is for you.

2. Star wives and their behaviour revealed.

3. “Jahnvi is courteous and Sara Ali Khan is alright.”

4. Vicky Kaushal is courteous.

5. So which Bachchan family member is best?

6. Ranveer speaks to the staff but Deepika to her phone.

7. Kartik Aaryan is not what he appears.

8. Why Pankaj Tripathi is Bade Dilwala

9. The mom and dad of Taimur Ali Khan.

10. When Aditya Narayan lost it at the airport.

11. The secret of Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora.

12. If Ranbir is cute, how’s his dad, Rishi Kapoor?

13. How do celebs look without make up?

14. Can anyone say anything good about Kapil Sharma?

15. You wouldn’t be surprised to know who Jacqueline Fernandez loves.

16. And who doesn’t love Ayushmann Khurrana?

17. Queen Kangana knows how to treat everyone.

18. There is a distance between Deepika and Ranveer Singh.

19. And Sara Ali Khan should read this description of her cursh.

20. Virat is a different person with Anushka.

21. This is why SRK is the Badhshah.