Unique Offbeat Characters Played by Saif Ali Khan


For many years in Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan was doing romantic films with his long hair and charming looks. The ’90s is famous for his comical movies with Akshay Kumar.

The Nawab of the Bollywood industry is synonymous with suave, and honestly, such romantic roles are expected from him. For instance, he was about to play the character of Raj in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

However, the bold actor made a drastic change in his career by picking off off-beat scripts. Saif Ali Khan played some extremely interesting characters on screen and has created a niche for himself in the industry.

While people were loving him in his typical-Bollywood hero look, Said has done some compelling characters in the movies too.

Check out some interesting Bollywood movies where Saif Ali Khan was seen as never before.

1. Rangoon (2017)

Saif didn’t say no to Vishal Bhardwaj when he came with the script of Rangoon in which Saif was supposed to play the second lead in the film.

In the period drama Rangoon, Saif Ali Khan was playing the character of a former action hero turned producer. The movie got mixed reviews from fans but everyone loves his performance in the movie.

2. Chef (2017)

Saif Ali Khan was never considered among the 3 hit Khans of the industry. Saif has been part of many great films over the years.

For instance, in the movie Chef, where Saif Ali Khan played the character of Roshan Kalra who is an immensely talented chef losing his touch from his work.

Roshan Kalra is a very practical character as he is going through a phase where his career is about to end. The character was very real and believable in front of the screen.

3. Aarakshan (2011)

Prakash Jha is popular for making compelling political drama movies in Bollywood. Aarakshan is no different as it revolves around the concepts of reserving seats in colleges for lower caste.

Saif Ali Khan played the character of Deepak Kumar who is a lower caste student.

The film was a multi-starrer and the movie was packed with great performances by the ensemble cast. The opening scene of kickass dialogue delivery of Saif Ali Khan was one of the best highlights of the film.

4. Omkara (2006)

Omkara is supposed to be the first film in Saif Ali Khan’s career where he was playing something very different from what he has played in Bollywood for years.

Ishwar ‘Langda’ Tyagi is a character with desi swag, and Saif Ali Khan has given his career-best performance in the movie.

The character of Langda Tyagi became very popular after the release of the film. Saif Ali Khan was considered among the mainstream actors who could also play such offbeat roles.

5. Kaalakaandi (2018)

Kaalakaandi is a coming of age movie where Saif Ali Khan’s character is diagnosed with stomach cancer in the very beginning of the movie.

After his diagnosis, the character became an unleashed party animal.

Saif portrayed a brilliant character who is wildly insane.Just like the length Saif Ali Khan had gone to play Rileen, nobody in the industry can do it much better.

6. Baazaar (2018)

It looks like Saif Ali Khan loves to play such characters and every year, a new movie adds up in his filmography. In his long 30 years career in Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan maintained his elegance and skills and became part of some best films.

In the movie Baazaar, Saif Ali Khan played the character of a money-hungry Gujarati Businessman. Everyone praised the looks and style of Saif Ali Khan in the movie.

7. Parineeta (2005)

Parineeta is a masterpiece in Indian cinema. The character of Shekhar Roy was not an easy character to play in front of the camera.

Saif Ali Khan portrayed a variety of emotions by playing a passionate musician and maintains the balance in all his different characteristics throughout the film.

Saif’s performance throughout the movie was the highlight of the movie.

8. Being Cyrus (2006)

In the same year, when he featured on screen with the character of devious Langda Tyagi in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara. He featured in Being Cyrus where Saif played a very atypical role.

He was an art lover and an expert assassin with a conscience. Being Cyrus is one of the most underrated films in the Bollywood industry.

9. Laal Kaptaan (2019)

Laal Kaptaan is a period drama movie where Saif played an unconventional role. He is some sort of mixture of Naga Sadhus and Cowboy in the movie. The movie looked like a graphic novel.