TV Stars Who Transformed Tremendously In 2020.

The global pandemic has slowed down the dynamic speed of modernization we were enjoying a year ago.

People have shown mixed feelings as some have lost their jobs while some got the quality time to spend with their family.

It was a better idea to learn a couple of new skills or pursue the hobby during the lockdown.

No doubt that our favorite celebs have utilized the lockdown period completely by giving themselves a fitness goal. These famous TV stars have surprised everyone with their fat-to-fit transformation.

Check out this list to know about the TV celebs who lost a tremendous amount of weight during the lockdown.

Kapil Sharma lost 11 kilos

Kapil Sharma is an actor, host, and comedian who is very popular among TV fans for his comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

The show was off-air for a couple of months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, the show returned with new episodes.

In one of the behind the scenes videos from the shoot, Archana Puran Singh said that Kapil has to shred almost 11 kilos. He has come to 81 kg from 92 kg during the lockdown.

Avika Gor turned fit and fabulous

Avika Gor is still remembered as the cute kid from the popular TV show Balika Vadhu.

She has also undergone a huge physical transformation during the lockdown. For the record, the actress has managed to shred 13 kilos from her overall weight.

She shared her before and after pics on Instagram and captioned ‘The Transformation Journey’.

Shehnaaz Gill followed a diet to get fit

Shehnaaz Gill is one of the most popular contestants from Bigg Boss 13. She lost almost 12 kilos during the lockdown by following a strict diet.

In an interview, she revealed that she made a simple reduction in her eating habits. She controlled herself and hadn’t eaten any non-veg, ice-creams, and chocolates at all.

Her diet was restricted to Moong dal and two rotis. She proudly mentioned that she used to be 67 kg before the lockdown and now her weight is only 55 kg.

Saloni Daini shed an enormous 22 kg

Saloni Daini rose to fame after performing the act of ‘Gangubai’ has transformed herself completely during the lockdown. For your information, Saloni Daini has lost a massive 22 kg during the lockdown.

Saloni was trolled for being overweight. However, she revealed that she went through a fat-to-fit transformation, not because of the heaving trolling at all.

She did it because of her health problems and she encourages people to accept and be happy with their skin.

The actress used to be 80 kg and now her weight is only 58 kg. The actress mentioned the funny incident that motivated her to get the fitness goal.

She said that she was eating a lot during the lockdown as her mom is the best cook and she often made momos, cakes, and butter chicken.

One day when she was watching movies on her laptop, the screen went off and she saw her chubby face on the screen.

She followed a strict diet and a healthy exercise routine. She even thanked the lockdown period as she was not able to wander in the streets and eat junk foods.

Kashmera Shah lost all the weight she gained during tough times

Kashmera Shah is often considered one of the most attractive personalities in the TV industry.

During the lockdown, she found that her attractive body was getting out of shape as she almost gained 12-14 kg. The actress started cooking herself followed a healthy diet chart to get back in shape.

Later, the actress posted her pics on social media flaunting her Bikini body. She also pointed out that she has lost weight during the lockdown.

Krushna Abhishek lost 7 kilos

Famous comedian Krushna Abhishek also lost kilos of weight during the lockdown period.

Krushna Abhishek is an active performer on stage and has a fit body but he lost almost 7 kilos by following Kashmera’s motivation during the lockdown period.

Arti Singh lost 5 kgs in a month

Arti Singh was also featured in the celebrity reality show Bigg Boss 13. The actress proudly announced that she has lost 5 kgs of weight with the help of her workout routine during the first two months of lockdown.

She said that she has done 50 minutes of yoga and 40 minutes of brisk walking every alternate day.

She went on to mention that the biggest fight among all these exercises is the late-night cravings.