TV stars Who Got Married For Publicity.


Marriage is a lifetime event in anyone’s life. It is a social necessity. Marriage is an emotional and spiritual union.

But when it comes to marriage in the entertainment industry marriage has a completely different meaning.

Bhajan and Ghazal Samrat Anoop Jalota is in the news these days for his upcoming film.

A photo related to this film went viral recently, in which Anoop and Jasleen were seen as a wedding couple. 

This picture was shared by Jasleen Matharu on her social media account, after which there was a lot of buzz on social media that Jasleen and Anoop have been tied in marriage. 

However, this photo was associated with his upcoming film, about which Anoop Jalota himself came and clarified that the picture is from his upcoming film.

Know that the pairing of Anoop Jalota and Jasleen Matharu has been in discussion since the 12th season of Bigg Boss. 

Both had entered the show as a couple and had confessed that the affair was for publicity on the show that they were in a relationship, though both of them denied it after coming out of the show. 

It is known that Anoop Jalota always considers Jasleen as his disciple. In such a situation, it is clear that both of them told themselves in a relationship only for publicity. 

By the way, this is not the only couple who pretended to have a relationship. Earlier too many fake affairs have been seen, which have made a lot of headlines.

Ali Merchant and Sara Khan

Every year Big Boss is in the news not for the right reason and due to its controversial concept even normal things inside the house become a big news. Lot of times fake things are done to get more limelight for the show. 

In the fourth season of Bigg Boss, Ali Merchant and Sara Khan got married inside Bigg Boss house.

You will be surprised to know that it was a fake wedding, because both of them broke up after 1 month of coming out of this show. 

According to some media reports, Ali and Sara got 50 lakh rupees to get married in Bigg Boss house, which means that the drama of this wedding was done only to increase the TRP of the show.

Rakhi Sawant 

Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant also got married in the name of Swayamvar and it was a publicity stunt.

Rakhi ka Swayamvar reality show was telecasted in the year 2009 on the tv channel NDTV Imagine.

Rakhi chose NRI Ilesh as her life partner in the reality show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and got engaged, but Rakhi broke off the engagement a few months after the show ended.

Ratan Rajput

Similar to Rakhi ka Swayamvar Ratan Rajput was also seen in 3rd season of the reality show.

There were 15 contestants on the show competing to become the life partner of Ratan. 

Ratan Rajput also pretended to find a bride for herself in a reality show called Rattan’s Rishta and selected a fellow Delhi-based software engineer as her life partner and got engaged, but only a few months later truth was revealed and it was found that the actress had done all this only to get publicity.

Neha Kakkar

Singer Neha Kakkar is making a lot of headlines about her marriage these days. For your information in the coming days, she is going to get married to her boyfriend Rohan Preet Singh.

But last year, the sets of the music show Indian Idol constantly brought news of her and Aditya Narayan’s affair, even the discussions about the marriage of both were quite sharp. 

But the show makers did this drama only to increase the TRP, although many viewers did not understand the trick of the show makers and they started believing Aditya and Neha’s relationship to be true.

Both parents of both were also called on the set of the show for TRP.

However, Aditya’s father Udit later revealed that all this is happening for TRP.

In the end it is just the money behind all the drama and TRP games.