TV Actresses Who Don’t Wear Bold Clothes.


Nowadays, it is often seen that actresses choose to wear a lot of modern trends to enter the entertainment industry. Whether it is a big screen or small screen celebs, everyone likes to be seen in western dress.

Western outfits are very fashionable in appearance and make the person appealing.

Moreover, whether the actress wore saree or Kurti in TV serials, they seem pretty modern and stylish in the real world. On their social handles, they all are style icons with their charming looks and western outfits.

Talking about western dresses, it is attractive because most of the time it was short revealing body parts.

Probably this is one of the big reasons the audience loved to see their stars in their western looks.

Such dresses highlight the bold figures of the celebrities due to which these celebs have millions of fans on their social handles where they directly interact with their fans.

However, we are one of those guys who don’t brandish appealing content in the serials.

Bold content should be used only to tell the story clearly whenever required and not to add a dash of masala to the movie or TV series.

Here we have created a list of few TV actresses who have made a name for themselves based on their acting and hard work instead of using appealing short dresses and bold intimate scenes.

Deepika Kakkar

Deepika Kakkar’s popularity is mostly spread through the popular TV show.

‘Sasural Simar Ka’. She became a household name and everyone came up to her with an exciting offer for movies as well as TV serials. She is also the winner of Bigg Boss Season 12.

Deepika has revealed that she turned down many projects because she wasn’t comfortable doing bold scenes in front of the camera.

Deepika was never seen in short dresses or giving bold scenes. Deepika is famous among fans for her natural beauty.

Divyanka Tripathi

Actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya who has strengthened her position as an actress in the television industry has now become a fan favorite.

Divyanka’s fans love her natural beauty. Just like Deepika Kakkar, Divyanka also doesn’t feel comfortable doing bold scenes while shots are rolling.

Divyanka has a huge fan following but she was never spotted wearing short dresses or western outfits.

Paridhi Sharma

Another very popular name in the television industry is actress Paridhi Sharma.

She rose to fame after playing the character of Jodha Bai in the very famous serial Jodha Akbar.

Paridhi believes in a simple life and like all the young actresses, she never went on to adorn short outfits just to get everyone’s attention.

It was just talent and passion that worked for her.
Paridhi is quite choosy with the TV projects she chose as she doesn’t want to do bold roles.

She played the queen in the serial Jodha Akbar. Later, she played Goddess Vaishno Devi in the serial Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki.

She played the character of Babita Chaddha in the show titled Patiala Babes.

Aalisha Panwar

Aalisha Panwar is an Indian TV actress who is best known for her work in the thriller TV series Ish Mein Marjawan that aired on Colors TV.

The actress has appreciated by fans for her acting skills and screen presence.

Little you know that Aalisha has won several awards for playing a negative role in the TV serial.

Aalisha has confessed in an interview that she was not comfortable with flashing her skin in front of the camera.

She is a firm believer that acting can be impelling in the steamy scenes as well with the help of dialogues and expressions only.

She clearly mentioned that she would not glorify western outfits and also restrict herself to do any movie or show that has intimate scenes.

Still, the actress is pretty famous in the TV industry because of her goddess-like face.

Sources revealed that her colleagues used to call her Apsara on the sets.

Kritika Sanger

Actress Kritika Sengar is also included in the list of these actresses who have made their name without resorting to bold looks and short dresses.

Kritika was never seen giving intimate scenes in their acting performance.

Even in real life, Kritika is quite simple and always wear Indian traditional dresses.

So it was the list of some famous actresses of the TV industry who put more faith in their natural beauty and not on any western and short dress that outlines their body figure to make it attractive.