These Fans Did Something So Touching That The Celebs Had To Meet Them!!


A bollywood actor is an actor because of his fans. While some unnecessarily try to stalk their favorite stars and do weird things to come to their notice, some are genuine and amazing fans. But, the following things done by the Bollywood stars for the fans shows and proves that the stars take notice of genuine emotions and give such fans the respect they deserve.

How a 100 year old Alzheimer Patient remembers only Big B.There are touching stories and then there is this touching story of a 100 year old lady, Bernandini D’souza, who would remember nothing but Amitabh Bachchan. She loved him to an extent that she would have his picture placed in front of her and then would take her food. When her doctor got to know of it, he thought the fandom of this nature deserved recognition, and so he stated the story to the makers of KBC who made her meet Big B. She came on the stage of KBC, screamed Big B’s name and even danced with him. If a story like this doesn’t melt your heart what will.

A man who was barefeet because his icon was in jail.This was fandom of a stature that should’ve deserved a mention in the movie Sanju. Sandeep Bacche, an auto driver, is also an ardent Sanjay Dutt fan. He never wore footwear while his icon was jailed. When Sanjay Dutt completed his term and came home, amidst the plethora of fans who were waiting and waved at him, when he heard the story of this particular fan, his heart melted and he met him.

When Aamir met a fan who was a special teenager.A person who suffered from a rare genetical disorder, Nihal Bitla, who suffered from progeria, meaning his body aged 8 times faster than usual, was also a Aamir Khan fan. The boy expressed his wish to meet Aamir on his facebook page expressing his gratitude to Aamit for making Taare Zameen Par. His team took note of it and Aamir met the boy with loads of goodies.

Fan who Painted a Brilliant Portrait.The beautiful Priyanka was painted by a fan in the most regal portrait of her ever. Saurabh Kant Shrivastava, an artist, designer and Priyanka Chopra fan, painted the most intricate painting of the actress, who accepted the gift and thanked him on social media for the effort.

A fan from Pakistan met Salman when he needed him the most.A 11 year old boy from Pakistan, Abdul Basit, who was getting a liver transplant in a hospital in India was shocked in amusement to see his icon, Salman Khan, visiting him. He had terrible jaundice right after birth and a liver transplant was the only way out.

A 42 day walk from Haryana to Mumbai to meet his icon.A lad from Haryana walked for 42 days from his place to Mumbai to meet his favorite actor, Akshay Kumar. Though Akshay was not in Mumbai when the boy reached his building, the boy decided to camp outside his building and slept on road for days. Akshay was overwhelmed with his dedication and he stepped outside to meet him.