Indian Television Ads That Created Controversies.

Advertisements have created the whole world into the market. The TV and print ads are often used by brands to create visual appeal in the minds of customers.

While sometimes these ads are informative, sometimes marketers went too far with the appealing things instead of being informative.

Here, we have gathered some TV and print ads that created controversies for being raunchy, inappropriate, and manipulative.

Well, for the record, Tanishq is not the first brand which tele ad was banned in India.

Amul Macho

How could you ever forget the catchphrase, ‘Ye To Bada Toing Hai’. In the ad, we see a newlywed ride takes some clothes to a riverbank to wash them.

There were already many women washing their clothes. The ad further shows the bride making O-face which washing the boxer.

In the early 2000’ people were making controversy for making this double meaning ad.

Axe Deodorants

Axe Deodorants made it cliché that women love the perfume and she will follow you.

Later, almost all the duo made their ads similar to this. Most of the ad campaigns of Axe deodorants are only give one message to customers that their deodorants make women lose their sense and chase you like wild animals.

You can check YouTube to find all the raunchy ads for Axe Deodorants.

Set Wet Zatak

Set Wet Zatak also started selling the product making its ad raunchy and appealing.

In the ad, a newlywed woman was waiting for her husband on her wedding night. She saw her neighbor using a deodorant.

After that bride started taking off her ornaments and jewelry in order to seduce her neighbor.

While the neighbor was watching the whole thing very confusing, the bride also takes off her wedding ring. After lots of backlashes, the ad was pulled by the company.


Fastrack has often repositioned itself in terms of branding, especially for the young generation.

Their ad commercial where Air-hostess Genelia D’Souza tried to seduce pilot Virat Kohli which ‘Fly me to Heaven’ was playing in the background is pretty steamy. The TVC was objected and banned.

Wild Stone Deodorants

Wild Stone came up with a unique idea to show an ad where a handsome hunk steps out and bumps into a married Bengali woman.

Later, the two hug each other and made love. Even though the ad was shot artistically without showing any vulgarity, still the ad fell into controversy.


The hot pair Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea were approached for the print ad of Calida which is a Swiss inner garment manufacturer.

The pic shows Dino Morea trying to undo Bipasha’s undergarments with his teeth. The ad created a huge controversy and actors came forward to apologize as well.

Tuff Shoes

The print ad of Tuff Shoes showed Madhur Sapre and Milind Soman posing nude with a big snake wrapped around their body.

Also, they were wearing sneakers. The photo was shot by Prabuddha Dasgupta.


The famous jeans manufacturers Levis introduced the clingy fit addition with a pretty raunchy poster.

It shows Kangana Ranaut with a male model giving steamy poses.


People started protesting the recent Paytm ad that glorifies the event of a young child getting slapped. It also featured Sachin Tendulkar.


Amul’s new ad that shows ‘Wuhan Se Yahaan’ ad ignited the controversy for being insensitive. For the record, this is not about Amul Macho.


Zomato redefined the new meaning of MC and BC. In the Zomato dictionary, MC stands for mac-n-cheese and BC stands for butter chicken. It didn’t go well with the audience.


The new Manforce ad showed Sunny Leone using Navratri to sell condoms in Gujarat. Later, the company was forced to remove the ad after public outcry.


Jawed Habib’s ad showed Indian Gods in his salon. India is still intolerant when it comes to religion. This is the reason that this ad was removed along with a public apology.

Lux Cosy

Lux Cosy often brand their product with the tagline ‘Apna Luck Pehan Ke Chalo’.

While most of the ads of Lux Cosy are attention-grabbing, they also made a raunchy and vulgar ad. In the ad, a man goes to the swimming pool when the dog pulls his towel.

He follows the dog for a while but a girl shows up and takes the dog commenting ‘what a dog’.

The ministry of information and Broadcasting banned the ad stating that it is pretty indecent, suggestive, and vulgar.