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9 Crazy Villains Loved More Than Leads.

While we only tend to talk a lot about the various heroes and heroines in the movies, it looks like the villains are the new obsession. Since we have noted enough about a star of the film, admit it or not, villains are also a true “star” for any movie.

The success of the film is not certainly only dependent upon the heroes but also the villains of the films. Though there have been various classic villains that are still remembered by the fans, such as Gabbar from Sholay, Lion from Kaalicharan, Prem from the movie Bobby, etc.

These villains were so exceptional that they even overshadowed the heroes of the film. However, with the changing times, the baddies of Bollywood have also changed. So today, with this post, we have gathered a list of some craziest villains of all time.

These characters were both mad and evil at the same time and creeped the hell out of audiences. Let’s have a look:

Murder 2 – Prashant Narayanan


tarring Emraan Hashmi and Jaquiline in the lead roles, this sensuous movie changed the perception of horror.

The brutal yet crazy character of Prashant as Dheeraj Pandey in the film of a misogynistic cross-dressing eunuch and a psychopathic serial killer who pretends to be a customer, calls the hookers, and murders them was truly worth a watch.

Mardaani 2 – Vishal Jethwa


Now this one holds a special place in the list because of being one of the most psychopath killers of all time. We clearly remember the start of the film where the character of “Sunny”, portrayed by the actor Vishal Jethwa in the film Mardaani 2 brutally caught up to a young girl.

That particular scene from the movie was enough to scare the audiences!! Apart from this, the psychopath killer in the film was not only a devastating experience for the audiences but the actor as well.

Opening up about his role in the film, the actor admitted to having gone through a trauma and even started crying after coming out of his character. The actor had to prepare himself for months to get into the skin of the character. No wonder being a psychopath is not an easy task at all!

Makdee – Shabana Azmi


This villain was a nightmare to any child and has haunted many of the 90s kids! Right!? Well, throughout the film, the Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi managed to make us believe in being a witch or something beyond normal.

However, the true reality of this psychopath villain gets exposed to be a con woman as the film progresses. The witch played by Shabana was truly a real psychopath!

Kaun – Urmila Matondkar


While we all were thinking of the actor Manoj Bajpayee to be a true psychopath throughout the film, the actress Urmila Matondkar turned out to be a real surprise for the viewers of the film.

From the beginning to the very end, various suspects were pointed out in the film for being a psychopath killer with Urmila being prone as a victim, however, to our utter surprise, the real drama unveils at the end of the film of Urmila being a psychopath yet crazy killer.

The way she had been throughout the film and what she was creeped the hell out of us!

Sangharsh – Ashutosh Rana


Whenever we tend to take the name of this film, a chill goes down our spine because of Ashutosh Rana in the film. The creepy yet terrifying look of the actor in this movie truly made our hearts skip a beat. Remember the last scenes of the movie where this psychopath was seen bald and made a sound like crazy?

Well, this was another craziest villain that is amongst the top ones from this list!

Ek Villain – Ritesh Deshmukh


Apart from having a series of famous and lovable songs in the movie, the duo of Shraddha and Siddhant in the film were very well perceived by the audiences. This movie turned out to be a life-changer for the Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor and so for the actor Ritiesh Deshmukh.

While we have always seen Ritiesh playing comical roles, this movie made us think twice about the actor. His role of a psychopath killer who expresses his frustration on some unknown girls by murdering them brutally was truly the craziest one!

Table no 21 – Paresh Rawal


If you are amongst the ones who didn’t have watched this film just because of its not-so-popular star cast, then it’s time that you change your thoughts. This Bollywood movie is one of the underestimated ones but has a deep-rooted meaning with a series of spine-chilling elements.

In the movie, the actor Paresh Rawal wasn’t only seen in a quirky avatar but was also a crazy psychopath villain who has his ways of seeking revenge!

Badlapur – Nawazuddin Siddiqui


Now, this is probably one of the classic yet masterpieces delivered by the actor Varun Dhawan. Right from the songs to the plot of the film, it managed to make us all cry at least once during the entire movie. Right!?

The role of Nawazuddin as Liak Mohammed Tungrekar in the film was truly a crazy one.

Darna Mana hai – Rajpal Yadav and Sushant Singh

The reason for us keeping this film at the end of the list was because this movie was responsible for having a series of psychopaths throughout the film! While we only mentioned the names of two in the header, this movie was entirely based upon all kinds of psychopaths that one can ever encounter or imagine!


The story of Rajpal Yadav where he was shown as a creepy apple vendor was depicted in story number 4. Whereas the film also included the actor Boman Irani as a crazy murderer and a hotelier in story number 2.


Apart from this, the actor Sushant Singh was a cherry on top towards the end of the film who was a crazy shadow murderer throughout the film.

Well, which one did you found the craziest one!? Did we miss upon any or could you think of some other psychopaths from Bollywood movies? Do let us know in the comments below. And for more updates keep following Desihumor.