Sreesanth’s wife bhuvneshwari and Gauri khan are fighting on twitter over Sreesanth’s behaviour!!


Big Boss season is about to end and there is high time when new contrevorseries are building up. Sreesanth is always in news this season.

Sreesanth was given a task by former Big Boss winner Gauhar Khan to take dupatta from Deepika Kakkar. But Sreesanth refused it.

Fans and Gauhar felt Sreesanth’s behaviour was rude and she later posted a tweet about how she felt about his behaviour. This is what Gauhar tweeted.

Soooo I kept quiet until the episode got over, n now that it’s out , I’m so glad that a large no. Of ppl have the ability to see the task for what it was, biggboss is not fun n games only, tasks reveal a lot about u! They are all so nice , brilliant top 6 ,all worthy of being thr

— Gauahar Khan (@GAUAHAR_KHAN) December 26, 2018

She further said:

Dipika , I’m sad that u don’t get to make ur own decisions,, I explained v well to Sree to give u an opportunity to shine, he instead thought it was a sacrifice , it’s a race to the finale, she would’ve got her things back in 3 days , intact ! #logic not rocket science !

— Gauahar Khan (@GAUAHAR_KHAN) December 26, 2018

She felt Shree’s behaviour was rude for no reason.

Sadly despite all the nice things I think of Sree n all the support I have given him b4 I entered , his behaviour was extremely rude with me, refused to talk to me when I asked politely, said even if xyz was in my house I would behave the same way(took names of legends) ?

— Gauahar Khan (@GAUAHAR_KHAN) December 26, 2018

And soon Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari responded with multiple tweets.

Like Juhi ji said y’day consistency is very imp..and Sree is consistent in his feelings and bond wth Deepika ji. When he told bigboss he can’t ask Surabhi’s tissue for nomination. How can he ask Deepika ji for her Nikah Dupatta. It’s too personal stuff for any woman evn fr a task

— Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth (@Bhuvneshwarisr1) December 26, 2018

Hence you proved my point. Your intention is only to Malign him. ✌??

— Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth (@Bhuvneshwarisr1) December 26, 2018

And soon Gauhar replied to her tweet

N I just read that @Bhuvneshwarisr1 thinks that I went in with an intent to instigate him n make him look bad !Without even tagging me, but I’d like to tell u dear , that I said more than 2 times to him that he is doing well , n that I like his game ! Also now I’ll say the truth

— Gauahar Khan (@GAUAHAR_KHAN) December 26, 2018