Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan: Facts about Ayushmann Khurana’s co-star

The new actor whom you’ve seen in “Shubh Mangal Zyaada Savdhaan” is very famous on YouTube. Jitendra Kumar did a lot of acting projects but this is going to his first big break in Bollywood. He is well known for his comic performances in The Viral Fever where he acted a Jeetu, Arjun Kejriwal, and Munna Jazbaati. But we know very little about this new actor who looks so modest on-screen.

So let’s have a look at his journey so far and know more about him.

1. IITian Boy

Kumar once clarified that he was a civil engineer and graduated from IIT Kharagpur. He genuinely never saw himself as an engineer and never thought about acting also until he was pushed by his seniors in college to perform at an ad-lib elocution act.

2. Fashion Conscious

While having an interview with Zoom, the creative director of The Viral Fever Biswapati Sarkar revealed that Kumar is extremely image and fashion-conscious. Even his college friends say the same.

3. Engineer to Actor

He had a rough history with the English language but still he managed to deliver Al Pacino’s lines in his act from “The Scent Of A Woman”. His seniors got so impressed that they pushed him to join the Hindi drama society. He met his TVF director Biswapati Sarkar there only.

4. How the TVF journey started

Biswapati Sarkar asked Kumar to try acting for The Viral Fever and if his performance is appealing enough, he could continue. His acting really impressed him and from there the TVF journey, as well as their friendship began. His family wasn’t really happy with this decision but his work and achievements proved everyone wrong.

5. Facing Arvind Kejriwal

Jitendra Kumar was well known for mimicking Arvind Kejriwal and 3 years ago in a youtube video titled “Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party: Arnub Qtiyapa” he mimicked him so well that the video went viral and gained 6.1 million views. After one year of this video, Arvind Kejriwal came face to face with Kumar in the video “Barely Talking With Arnub”. He was so confident in that show that even the CM praised him.

6. His performances

His performance in “Munna Jazbaati: The Q-tiya Intern” was very notable. He played the role of an extremely stupid and emotional person who gets selected for an internship program and then because of his boss’s kind gesture he performs so well that sometimes he goes a little over the board. This show is extremely hilarious and is a must-watch.

His other show titled “Ek Thi Behen: Rakhi Qtiyapa” was also amazingly humorous. He plays the role of a helpful and sweet guy who offers help to his female colleague in the office. He offers shelter to her but then things start getting scary for him. Viewers really loved to watch him in it.

TVF Pitchers is by far one of the best and also a successful web series in India. It has a 9.4 rating and has been ranked 38 out of 250 by IMDB. Kumar’s character as “Jitu” in this series is one of the most loved characters and his dialogue delivery really gave us goosebumps.

7. Other Projects

With all the TVF projects kept aside, Jitendra Kumar has also worked in a feature film named “Shuruat Ka interval” and he also acted in the film “A Wednesday” and “Gone Kesh”. You may haven’t noticed him in some of these movies as his roles were quite small.

8. Social Media Fan Base

Kumar has quite a good fan following and he has reached 458k followers on Instagram overnight after gaining popularity over his new film “Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan”. He also has 45.6k followers on twitter.

9. Blabbermouth

His college friends say that he is a bit of blabbermouth and can go on and on with his stories. His stories are so great and no one can ever be bored with him and he’s a great entertainer. But with that, he’s also a shy and emotional guy in real life. He admits that when he’s with intelligent people, he just acts smart and gets away with his acting.

10. His Idols and interests

Kumar is a huge fan of Dilip Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan and goes crazy while watching their films. He also is a great fan of Gulzar’s work and he often reads his books. His twitter account is called @Farjigulzar because of his love for Gulzar.