See from whom Dipika Kakar’s husband Shoaib Ibrahim warned to stay away.


Television actors Dipika and Shaoib Ibrahim got hitched on Feburary 2018 in a private ceremony in the latter’s hometown, Bhopal. The marriage was a typical Muslim wedding and since then the couple has been in news for their romantic wedding sequences to Dipika’s decision of changing her name Faiza for the wedding.

The couple has fought all odds together and are now happily married. Shoaib like a true doting husband helps Dipika to make her fulfil every dream of hers. He is extremely in love with her because of why he didn’t hesitated marrying her though she is a divorcee.

Talking about their inter religion wedding the couple says, they never bothered about belonging to different religions, “I feel that when you are a celebrity you are constantly under scanner and there are people who love you, but then there are also people who try to bring you down. We have always taken decisions in life only keeping our family in mind, if they are happy and fine then rest of the world doesn’t matter to us. I don’t consider myself a celebrity, we are very simple people and we like to lead a simple life,” said Shoaib.

During the Big Boss 12 Shoaib as a caring husband suggested Dipika to stay away from one person and he is none other than co-contestant of her named Deepak Thakur. He revealed in an interview while the show was going on that he will not speak much about the topic but he only wants her to make distance from Deepak Thakur which clearly shows that Shoaib is somewhat upset from his behavior in the show.