Popular Comedians and Their Lesser Known Children

There are hundreds of movies made every year in Bollywood on various genres. However, one genre that topped all of them is comedy.

Making people laugh by cracking the joke or just with screen presence is pretty hard but Bollywood is blessed with some actors who have made Bollywood films enjoyable and a fun ride.

They become a fan favorite due to their comic timing and acting skills. Off-the-camera they are doting fathers to these lesser-known sons, and as fans, we expect that these sons also have inherited infinite talent and get huge stardom, just like their fathers.

We prepared the list of 10 most popular comedy actors in Hindi Films and their lesser-known children.

1. Akshay Kumar and his son Aarav Kumar

The star kids are often seen as very camera friendly and jolly to get known. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Akshay’s son Aarav.

Aarav is one of the most down to earth star kid in Bollywood. You would probably see him in his hoodie and cap, shying from the cameras.

The boy is just a teenager now and has no interest to feature in Bollywood movies.

2. Boman Irani and his son Kayoze Irani

Everybody now is very familiar with Boman Irani. The amazing trivia about this actor is that he started his Bollywood career in his late 30’s and soon got recognized as one of the most cherished actors in Bollywood.

He has been featured in all types of character roles but got famous for his comic timings. His son Kayoze is also known for his role in ‘Student of the Year’. Kayoze has been a part of many films but never got fan-following.

3. Govinda and his son Yashvardhan Ahuja

It can be believed that Yashvardhan Ahuja is having a hard time as he is always compared to Govinda and his humor on-screen.

The 20 years old Yashvardhan is not planning to come in front of the camera. Yashvardhan has learned filmmaking from London and started working with Sajid Nadiadwala.

4. Paresh Rawal and his son Aditya Rawal

The versatile actor Paresh Rawal needs no introduction. He has won everyone’s heart with his roles like Baburao Ganpat Rao, and other movies made by Priyadarshan.

But do you know about his son Aditya Rawal? Aditya made his debut with Bombay Talkies, however, he prefers to be in writing only.

One special trivia is that Aditya Rawal is the screenplay writer of OMG: Oh My God!

5. Kader Khan and his son Sarfaraz Khan

Kader Khan has made his name in the industry. He was the funniest father in the 90’s. His son Sarfaraz Khan belongs to the film world just like his father.

Sarfaraz Khan is famous for his role in movies like Wanted and Tere Naam, along with other movies.

6. Johnny Lever and his son Jesse Lever

You have seen Jessey lever as a child artist in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, the boy is now decked up with 6 packs.

This tall, dark, and handsome boy doesn’t fit into comic roles like his father used to do but wanted to pursue acting in other serious roles.

7. Jaspal Bhatti and his son Jasraj Bhatti

Jaspal Bhatti has made satirical comedy famous not only in Punjab film society but also made his way to Bollywood.

Unfortunately, he died in a car accident before his film release. The film, power cut, also featured his son, Jasraj Bhatti.

8. Mehmood and his son Lucky Ali

Mehmood has a special fanbase in the Bollywood industry. People still love him and his comic timings.

But his son Lucky Ali chose to be in the music industry. He will always be the man who made our life happy with his music albums.

9. Ashok Saraf and his son Aniket Saraf

Do you really dare to forget Ashok Saraf and his comic timing in Hum Paanch? Little you know that he is also an established Marathi actor.

However, his son Aniket maintains a low profile on social media.

10. Keshto Mukherjee and his son Babloo Mukherjee

Keshto Mukharjee is the man who always appeared in a drunk character.

One of the great directors of his era has a son named Babloo Mukharjee who failed to match his father’s footsteps. Babloo is known for Dil, and Isi Ka Naam Zindagi.