Owner of big empire wears shoes worth Rs 70 Lakhs. Checkout Ranveer’s lifestyle!!


Ranveer Singh debuted under Yash raj banners and used to sell tea and snacks on the film sets but now he owns a pompous empire of around 300 crore and has become one of the biggest celebrity of bollywood. His just released film SIMBA is too making huge money at box office.

Ranveer Singh was born on 6 July 1985 in Mumbai in a Sindhi family. He belonged to a business background be he wanted to become an actor since childhood. Being a son of well settled father and having a renowned real estate business in Bandra his father invested about 10 lakhs in his first movie (Band Baja Baarat).

Instead of being attracted to film line Ranveer shifted his interest to writing in college days and completed his Bachelor of Arts from “Indiana University Bloomington”.
Full name of Ranveer Singh is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani but he decided not to use bhavnani because he believed that with this long name no one will notice or consider him in film industry.

Ranveer Singh is cleanliness and fitness freak. He used to have weight issues in childhood because of which he started his weight loss journey at the age of 16 and has managed to maintain a healthy weight till now due to his healthy lifestyle. His mantra to remain in good shape is to have proper food, sleep and exercise.
Ranveer Singh is proud owner of a luxurious apartment in south Bombay which is of 8 crore but according to the sources he is now planning to shift with his newly wedded wife DEEPIKA PADUKONE.

Ranveer Singh also holds a good collection of around 10 luxury Cars like Aston Martin (4 crore) , Bugatti (12 crore), Mercedes, Range Rover (1.6 crore), Bentley and Audi. Ranveer also holds huge collection of X-rated magazines.