Offbeat. Lesser-Known Facts About Actor Randeep Hooda


Randeep Hooda is one of the finest actors working in the industry today. He has proved himself many times, and everyone in the industry knows his capabilities as an actor and is aware of his magic in front of the camera.

Randeep has done many types of roles as a lead actor, supporting actor, or sometimes just character actor. However, most people don’t know him well. Here we present to you some facts about his professional and personal life that will make you fall in love with him.

Disclaimer – The early life and family of the actor you will easily find on Wikipedia. Here we summoned the facts that he has said in interviews, or you might find this information in pieces.


Randeep Hooda had a lonely childhood. His parents were surgeons and they used to work in the Middle East. In an interview, he opened up about his pain saying he felt a sense of betrayal and abandonment when he was in the hostel.


He spent most of his childhood with his maternal grandmother. He said she used to be strict with him.


Having such a lousy childhood affected him a lot, and he still feels uncomfortable visiting his friends when their parents are home.


Randeep’s parents wanted him to be a doctor and they sent him to DPS RK Puram. This frustrates the young Randeep most and he got involved in wrong activities like smoking, drinking, bunking, and dating.


This also led him to adopt a rough routine. During the school days, he was named ‘Randeep Don Hooda’ because of his temperament.


Randeep Hooda has pursued Bachelors in Australia but he failed in the first year. He has completed his graduation in Marketing and has a master’s in business management.


Little you know that Randeep had worked as a waiter, driver, washed cars, did lifeguard jobs and washed dishes in a Chinese restaurant.


Randeep has dated Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen. They both dated each other for 2 years and then separated. The sparks flew between them on the sets of ‘Karma Aur Holi’, and that turned into a love affair.


Randeep cleared the fact that he was very happy after their break-up. He said his relationship with Sushmita Sen consumed too much of his time and his career took a good turn after his relationship ended.


He confessed that he is very choosy about the roles and loves to do characters that actors won’t ready to do. Furthermore, he loves to perform dark characters in front of the camera who are layered and complex.


Randeep Hooda started his career with the movie Monsoon Wedding back in 2001. After this movie, he waited 4 years for his second film. During this time he worked in theatre and maintained himself financially by doing TV commercials.


He did the Gangster movie D Company which was directed by Ram Gopal Varma. He was appreciated by fans and critics for his outstanding performance in the movie.


He got the breakthrough with Milan Luthria’s Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai which was a period action drama that depicted the rise of organized crime in Mumbai.

In this movie, Hooda played a police officer. Critics compared him with angry young man Amitabh Bachchan and said he was born to play this role.


The actor is known for pushing boundaries and always upgrading himself as an actor. He played the role of a gay husband in the anthology movie Bombay Talkies.

Later, he went through a tremendous transformation for the role of Sarabjit in the movie Sarabjit.


The actor is famous for participating in sports like show jumping and polo. Randeep owns 6 horses at the Mahalaxmi racecourse.


Randeep Hooda often attends equestrian events in Mumbai and Delhi and has won two medals at an event by competing with riders from the Indian Army.


Randeep Hooda made his Hollywood debut recently with the American action thriller film Extraction. Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth was released on 24th April 2020 on Netflix and watched by 90 million viewers in the first month.


Randeep Hooda’s sister, Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan, is a world-famous surgeon with a medical (MBBS, MD). His younger brother, Sandeep Hooda, is a software engineer working in Singapore.


Little do you know that the script of Dabangg was written for Randeep Hooda. Well, Randeep Hooda with his rough and tough looks was the first choice to play the iconic Chulbul Pandey in the movie.


After Kerala floods when most of the celebrities were supporting by sending monetary aid or commenting on social media. Randeep was in Kerala with the Khalsa Aid group to feed the needy. He is truly a Reel and Real life Hero.