New legends in town: 10 Bollywood actors who can takeover khans fame!!


Are you all craving for new blood like us Desi Humor is here to quench your thirst with our hot news on how khan era is being taken over by some actors with their skills. The industry which is supposed to be realm of khan is slipping off hands because of their consistently inglorious film content and creativity.

Are Khans replaceable now? The answer of this question earlier would have been no but is has been now surely changed to YES.

10. Kangana Ranaut:

The lady of her own hard work and skills, she needed no man no god father to make her mark in bollywood and stood up for herself.

9. Anushka Sharma:

“Heroines are replaceable but khans are not” this quote has loosened its worth to a major extent with upcoming artists like her.

8. Vickey Kaushal:

Excuse us! this name which has emerged out of the blue and is continuously rising and not seeming to stop till he becomes a superstar.

7. Ayushman Khurana:

An actor who has both stardom and acting skills but was once rejected for his untamed eyebrows is now on everyone’s list.

6. Bhumi Pednekar:

Not only she has set standards for a desired body type but has also shown and impressed us with best of her acting.

5. Alia Bhatt:

This girl name has done full justice every role she was given and seems she is going to continue with her hits.

4. Irfan Khan:

He proved one doesn’t needs film background to become a skilled actor he is an actor in true terms.

3. Kartik Aryan:

Hot topic! This boy has earned his name who earlier seemed to be an average has increased his standards to another level.

2. Rajkumar Rao:

Does anybody thinks that good physique means good acting career this boy has broke all the stereotypes.

1. Ranveer Singh:

The name needs no introduction. His success stories have now become countless and he is seen to be the inventor of new era of bollywood with his infectious energy and passion towards films.