Meet The Actor Who Played The Role Of Bholu Lalit In Mirzapur 2.

Brahma Mishra is an actor best known for his work in Bollywood movies and web series. The actor has given commendable performances by playing supporting roles in many movies.

He hailed from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. In one of his interviews, Brahma mentioned that he wanted to be an actor since his childhood.

In college, he got the opportunity to meet Alkhanandan who mentored Mishra when he joined theatre.

Brahma often said that the Alkhanandan Ji was his first Guru who laid the foundation of acting in his career.

He felt heart whelmed by the fact that he worked with Alkhanandan Ji in many plays on stage and backstage as well.

Later, Brahma moved to Pune to receive advanced training. Little you know that the actor is trained in the thespian arts at the Film Institute.

Many directors have noticed his performances on stage and offered him roles in the movies.

He finally made his debut with the movie ‘Chor Chor Super Chor’ which was released in 2013. He garnered everyone’s attention by playing the character of Vava in the movie.

He mentioned how he got the part of Vava in the mesmerizing movie. He was called by the director and handed over the movie script.

He was asked to pick the character from the script he wanted to play in the movie.

He found the character of Vava very similar to his personality and the director agreed to give him that part in the movie.

He was noticeable in the movie and got many other projects such as Dangal, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, and Kesari.

He also played an important role in the Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30.

Some casting directors mentioned why they offered Brahma such comical roles.

It is probably the height and his features that made them cast him as comic relief in the movies and web series.

However, Brahma has other plans for his acting skills. He often tries different and dramatic roles instead of just being a comedian in the movie.

Brahmaswaroop Mishra made his OTT debut with the 2015 hit web series Not Fit.

The web series was aired on dice media which is one of the most loved youth channels on YouTube.

Brahma has completed his graduation from the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal.

Later, he did an additional 2 years acting course from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.

Brahma is never vocal about his private life in the media. His father is a retired bank employee and his mother is a homemaker. His brother Sandeep Mishra is an advocate.

Brahma was part of many Museum films that were released in Mumbai. One of the most loved movies was Nainsukh which was directed by Amit Dutta who was Brahma’s senior at the FTII.

Brahma got the attention-seeking role again when he was offered the part of Lalit in the Mirzapur series. He was one of the gang members of Munna Tripathi in season one of the web series.

Even though he has limited lines and often worked in the background, he impressed everyone with his dialogue delivery in season one as well as season 2.

The social media outbreak worked in his favor and Brahma got the limelight after the popularity of Mirzapur season 2.

The scene he shared with Munna Tripathi in episode one of the Mirzapur season 2 became one of the most shared and liked memes of 2020.

Brahma loved his performance as Khudadad in the movie Kesari starring Akshay Kumar. His character became a martyr after giving water to enemies.

He mentioned that he watched the movie in the theatre where he saw people were crying after watching his scenes in the movie.

Brahma mentioned his days when he used to live in Bhopal. He often said that he missed the Press Complex’s Poha-Jalebi, Baba Chowk, Bharat Bhawan, and the Farid Tea point opposite Hamidia.

While most of the actors mentioned their struggling days in the industry, Brahma often said that he had never faced any financial problems as his father and brother were supporting him during his stay in Mumbai.

Even though he is getting many offers for films and web series, he loves to be a stage artist and focuses on stage productions and theatre work.

Moreover, he is also associated with the Kopal productions’ plays, Impatient Seeker, and Sharad Joshi Express.

We as an audience want him to see in more movies and web series. We hope Brahma is also liking the fame he is getting for the awesome characters he played.