Meet Shankar The Director Who Has Not Given A Single Flop In 25 Years!


Born as Shanmugan Shankar, this filmmaker, from the start of his career as a director and writer, has won hearts of millions. Before being bitten by the movie bug, Shankar worked as a quality control supervisor. In an interview with, Shankar was quoted as saying that when he picks up his phone, he always introduces himself as Shankar the director because he and his profession are like Siamese twins, joined at the hips. Having worked with legends of Tamil Cinema like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, Shankar has garnered the position of a legend himself.

The Director Who Has Not Given A Single Flop In 25 Years! Let’s Take A Look At Some Of His Films.


Shankar’s directorial debut film, Gentleman, became a blockbuster at box office and received positive reviews. The film’s musical score was done by A. R. Rahman. Starring Arjun Sarja and Madhoo in the lead roles, the movie also bagged several State Awards and Filmfares.


Shankar’s psychological thriller film, Anniyan, brought a new perception to the problems faced by a common man because of corruption that revolves around him. The film starred Vikram as the law-abiding lawyer who suffers from multiple personality disorder and develops two alter egos, a fashion model and a vigilante serial killer.


Known for his big budget ideas, Shankar’s film Enthiran was stalled for nearly a decade in its development phase. Enthiran’s animation and VFX exhibited the director’s vision and was the most expensive film at the time of release. In fact, the film still stands as the highest grossing films in Kollywood. Enthiran also won several awards including two National Film Awards.

Sivaji – The Boss

Shankar and Rajinikanth’s first film working together was Sivaji which again shed light on the corruption that eats away the want of an honest individual to do a good deed. The film also starred Shriya Saran and Vivek in pivotal roles while superstar Rajinikanth marvelled us with his performance and constant change of character looks. The film went on to receive National Awards as well as Filmfare and Vijay Awards.


With a challenge put in front of a TV Journalist, (played by Arjun Sarja) by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (played by Raghuvaran), tables turn in his favour for the spellbinding work Arjun does in a day as a CM. This results in him to face the wraths of original Chief Minister Raghuvaran, who holds a vendetta against Arjun for humiliating him in front of the public and wishes to avenge him.


Vikram and Amy Jackson starrer I was one of the most anticipated films of 2015. The movie grossed Rs. 150 crore for its Tamil version. The film featured Vikram in two vastly different roles. The plotline of the film was well-written and even amongst the mixed reviews it received, I went on to be successful at the box office and received a tremendous response from the audience.


The film Indian starred Kamal Haasan in dual roles along with Manisha Koirala, Urmila Matondkar, Sukanya and Goundamani in pivotal roles. The movie revolves around a 70-year-old vigilante who is on a killing spree. Haasan is outraged by the growing corruption in the country and makes it his motive to kill all the corrupt officials and bring order in the nation.


An adaptation of blockbuster Hindi film 3 Idiots, Nanban also managed to win hearts at the box office. The film also received critical acclaim for its plot. Shankar is known to surprise his audience and in this movie, the sudden kiss witnessed between Vijay and Illeana was something that bewildered the audience. Nevertheless, the movie was widely appreciated and was dubbed in Telugu as well.


The film’s plot revolves around the downfalls experienced as teenagers and how easily one is distracted from their career plans. The film had a very important message conveyed about education and career focus, which is often sidelined over romance and other such distractions. Even though Boys sprung several controversies over its adult content, the film later garnered the cult status among teenagers who could relate to the film’s content.


Jeans (1998) tells the story of a Tamil restaurant businessman in the US with two twin sons who are studying medical. Both look alike and they both get attracted towards a girl named Madhumita. Later, a brother gets out of the way, but the father refuses to marry because the father was also a twin and after the marriage his family was scattered.

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