Love Affairs Of Gauhar Khan Before Getting Married.

While many things were going on during this pandemic and lockdown, this crisis has certainly taught us various teachings. Multiple viral trends were witnessed in the year 2020, the one thing that caught the attention of the people was the wedding ceremony of the actress Gauhar Khan. Believe it or not, the number of marriages and pregnancy is something that we are witnessing on almost every social media handle.

Be it celebrities or the common people, the news of getting married has been the talk of the town. In 2020, while everything came as rather a shock or a surprise, the most astonishing amongst the people were the marriages of popular Bollywood celebs including Neha Kakkar, Sana Khan, and Gauhar Khan.

While we all were quarantined in small quarters, it certainly gave us more time to know better of our beloved ones. Similar was the case with the actress Gauhar khan when her love story started with this lockdown period. Though many bad things happened with all of us in the year 2020, the actress Gauhar Khan recently shared her “lockdown love story”.

Before we began sharing the love story of this cute couple, let’s have a look at the love affairs of the actress before getting married:

Sahil Peerzada

The sensational model and an actress, Gauhar Khan has enthralled millions with the crowning of victory in Bigg Boss 7. While we truly know enough about this ravishing beauty, her ex-boyfriends are still a mystery for us. So one of her Ex-boyfriends, Sahil Peerzada hails from a wealthy background with his father being a Business tycoon. He tried his hands at modeling initially however failed miserably to establish one.

Though he was already married to Shama Dadlani, his first marriage didn’t last long, and soon after his divorce, the love story of Gauhar and Sahil started blooming. They were seen together at various restaurants and were seen dating at places in Delhi and Mumbai. The rumors of the two getting engaged also surfaced in the media.

However, the duo soon broke up due to some personal reasons, and finally, Sahil got married to another model Zeba and successfully started working as a businessman with his father.

Nihar Pandya

The other boyfriend of Gauhar with whom she was rumored to be engaged was the actress Deepika Padukone’s ex-boyfriend, Nihar Pandya. Hailing from different religious backgrounds the duo broke up because of the same reason just before the actress made her entry into the Bigg boss house. Nihar being a Gujarati, wanted his traditions and values to be a base for their relationship however Gauhar insisted on not changing the same.

Due to these disagreements, the duo settled on calling off their relationship. However, if the close sources to the model are to be believed they always made a statement that religion was never the reason for their breakup!! Apart from this, Gauhar just before entering the Bigg Boss house broke off with Nihar and eventually got in the news for being in love with her co-contestant in the house Kushal Tandon.

Kushal Tandon

This was probably the most talked and sizzling couple ever existed in the Bigg boss history. Their relationship started at the Bigg Boss house where Gauhar ended up being a winner of season 7. The news of couples being parting their ways truly broke the hearts of millions and came as a shocker to most of us.

While it has been quite a lot of time since the duo has broken up, where Kushal remains single, the actress Gauhar Khan recently got married to the love of her life Zaid Darbar. This duo dated for some 10 months and even did an album together post the Bigg boss show.

However, the reason behind the separation of the couple is still said to be the same as that of Nihar. Yes, religious differences. Even though the duo broke up, Kushal was more than happy to share that he will attend Gauhar’s wedding if invited, and is not preoccupied due to work commitments.

Director Sajid Khan

Now, this is something which started back in 2003. The TV actress Gauhar Khan was accused of getting engaged to the famous Director Sajid Khan in a hush-hush ceremony. While they had huge differences in their ages, the couple madly fell in love with each other in 2003.

While Sajid Khan was 46 years old, she was merely 34 years old making an age gap of 12 years between the couple. When asked about the breakup, Sajid made a statement of being engaged to a popular girl in 2003, without making a revelation of her name and said, “I wasn’t even a bad person that time. I didn’t even cheat her.

I think that she got bored with me.” Though Sajid Khan is said to have dated many actresses to date including some famous names like Tamannaah Bhatia, Urvashi Dholakia, and Jacqueline Fernandez, the director remains a bachelor and hasn’t got married to any of his girlfriends.

Zain Darbar

The last and the final one lists the name of her husband Zain Darbar. The love story of the duo started during the lockdown season in 2020 where the two met each other at a grocery store and the rest is history.

After being met at the grocery store, Zaid made the first move by dropping a message to the actress on Instagram praising the beauty of the actress. Post this, the duo soon started seeing each for several times and went out for dates most [of which included the places like parking garages.

Finally, the duo decided to get married and on December 25, 2020, the couple tied a knot with a quirky wedding ceremony. The images from the couples functions are still being surfaced on the internet and are getting a heartwarming response along with blessings from the fans.