Interesting facts About 20-year-old Youtube Star CarryMinati


Interesting facts About Carry Minati

‘To Kaise Hai Aap Log’ there’s no other best way to start this article with any other sentence. Carry Minati is now a household name with his roasting videos.

However, Carry struggled a lot with his dreams and ideas before becoming a big YouTube celebrity.Carry Minati has started the roasting culture in India.

#1 Real Name

The real name of Carry Minati is Ajey Nagar, and he was born on 12 June 1999 at Faridabad in Haryana.

#2 Family

He lived in a family of four with his parents and an elder brother named Yash Nagar. His brother Yash is a guitarist and electronic music producer.

#2 Education

Carry did his initial schooling from DPS Faridabad. He was never interested in studies and spent most of his childhood playing video games.

#3 Youtube Career

Talking about his YouTube career, he started his first YouTube channel when he was 10 years old.

#4 First video on Windows 7

One of his friends had suggested him to install Windows 2007 on his PC as he was a games lover from childhood.

Later, Carry installed the Windows on his PC trusting his friend, but nothing happened as expected. However, Carry loved the new operating system and made his first YouTube video explaining features of Windows 7.

#5 First Youtube Channel

He uploaded the video on his channel named Stealthfearzz. After uploading that video, Carry felt he should do something with YouTube only.

#6 Videos on Football tutorials

Carry went to make videos on Football tutorials and many other stuff whatever an 11 years old boy could do.

The channel went unnoticed as there were many tutorials videos and channels were already popular on YouTube. The channel still exists and you can check it on YouTube anytime.

#7 Gaming Channel

Well, the channel was started by him as a hobby or interest but soon he became serious about the channel. At the age of 15, Ajey started his new gaming channel on YouTube. To be exact, the date was 30th October 2014 when he started the channel Addicted A1.

In this channel, he used to play counter-strike and backed it up with game commentary in the mimic voice of Sunny Deol and Hrithik Roshan.

#8 Struggle continues on Youtube

He made 150+ videos on the gameplay of counter strike within a couple of months. Well, the game was not that popular in India, and a few of his fans were only watching the videos because of his funny commentary. Carry understood this too and he rebranded the channel with a new name Carry Deol.

#9 Started making Roasting Videos in India

Ajey started roasting with the gameplay. He picked up small artists at first. His channel was inspired by the American YouTube channel Leafy Is Here.

#10 Changed Channel from CarryDeol to CarryMinati

Ajey was the first Indian YouTuber who started roasting content. Later he changed the name of his channel to Carry Minati.

#11 First Viral Video

That year, the famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam was rising with his funny videos on YouTube and roasted him in one of his episodes and got more than 100K views.

At first, people hated it but when Bhuvan appreciated the content then everyone loved Carry’s works. In that month, he made 7 more roast videos and most of them became popular.

He finally got the recognition among the Indian YouTube Audience.

#12 Family Support

He made another change in his channel and started face cam roasting. His family supported him when he said he wanted to drop his studies and later completed his studies via an open school.

#13 Offensive Content

He got 3 warnings altogether on 10th August 2016 because of his offensive roasting videos. Somehow he managed to save his channel and later he roasted people only after taking their permission. He got many threats to call as he offended many people because of his roasting.

#14 Unique Content

The people carry roasted in his videos became celebrities in their own space. For instance, he made Dhinchak Pooja, Om Prakash Mishra, Deepak Kalaal, and Hero Alom popular with his roasting videos.

#15 Link Ups

Carry never revealed his personal life to the media. However, it was rumored that he was having some late nights chats with Pardesi Girl after he roasted Pardesi girl and she made the reaction video on her roasting.

#16 CarryMinati’s Team

In an interview, Carry revealed that he is an introvert. His business was managed by 3 more people. Anirudh handles the business inquiry, Aman handles the social media, and Lakshya assists to find shooting locations. Carry believed that he was very dedicated to the things he wanted to do.

#17 Success

Recently Ajey was named among “Next-generation leaders 2019” by Time magazine. His recent video TikTok vs youtube the end made history to achieve 2 million views within 5 hours.

#18 Noble Cause

He was appreciated by everyone as he helped to raise a huge fund for the Pulwama attack survivors. He tweeted on his offical handle that he was able to raise 1,58,000 for the soldiers family.

#19 Networth

As per Wikipedia Ajey’s net worth is estimated to be 27 Crores. It is a great achievement at such a small age. It is the love of the audience and the appreciation that matters more for Ajey.