If Bollywood Actors were female


The Internet world is way more entertaining than any other source. You tend to receive information about anything and everything on internet. There are many people who have found some apps and ways to entertain public through internet. They use photo shopping and editing techniques to make fun pictures and help people to entertain themselves. Some of these caricatures have been made with photos of Bollywood’s top heroes.

Look at these pictures in which Heroes are given the girl’s getup and the result is really entertaining.

Tiger shroff

He is majorly trolled with the statements like he look more like a girl because of his shiny and clean face with almost no beard. With this picture of him it actually seems right.

Salman Khan

Seeing Salman’s intoxicated eyes, it seems like Woohoo her eyes. He is looking so damn hot as the way he looks as Salman Khan.

Shahid Kapoor

He is looking the cutest and the youngest heroine of the industry and we would have been impressed if shahid would play a role of heroine like this.

Amir Khan

He too is looking immensely beautiful after conversion we are really impressed by the efforts behind this creativity.

Varun Dhawan

Ever thought that Varun would look that sexy if he was a heroine?? We would wish if we could get to see him in a girl role.

Shahrukh Khan

If Shahrukh Khan was a heroine, then the world would have hit his dimples. He would have made to the top listed heroines.

Ranbir Kapoor

Look how attractive he is looking after conversion we are actually aww struck seeing him in his Avatar.

Ranveer Singh

Isn’t he looking stunning as he looks in his original male character though his nose is a bit more pointed.

Checkout the entire list below:


We dont intent to make fun of any celebrity. This article is just for entertainment purpose.