Famous TV Shows That Lost Their TRP After The Lead Actor Left.


It is often seen that when Production Company working for years in the same serials, star cast often leave the show.

While makers continue with the show as it is profitable for them, actors often leave the show as they want to try something new or they may get big offers that are good for their career.

Almost every show has faced these problems of replacing the cast or finishing their story arc as actors don’t want to continue with the show.

Since most of the TV series are fan favorite because of its star cast rather than the gripping storylines, it was noticed that there was a drastic fall in the show’s TRP after the lead actor left the show.

Here, we have prepared a list of famous TV shows that saw a drastic fall in the show’s TRP after the lead actor left the show.

1. Rajeev Khandelwal:

It can be said that Rajeev Khandelwal is one of the most popular celebrities who have made a successful transition from the small screen to the big screen.

He has impressed everyone with his acting skills and screen presence. For instance, his debut movie Aamir was a huge hit in Bollywood.

Rajeev Khandelwal rose to fame after playing the character of Sujal in the famous TV series ‘Kahiin To Hoga’.

Later, Rajeev left the show as he thought the story was getting stretched. In his own words, “I left Kahin Toh Hoga because according to me the story was over, and from there it would have been a useless stretch like any other daily soap.

From all over the world, I was getting love and affection, and ‘Sujal’ had become a national phenomenon, so it was difficult for me to be there without enjoying it.”

As Rajeev exits the show, the show also exits from the Top TRP list.

Showrunners tried to survive it with modification in story arcs, but nothing worked. In the end, they decided to off-air the show.

2. Sushant Singh Rajput:

Late Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the brightest TV actors of the small screen industry.

He has been part of the daily soap Pavitra Rishta for years. The show became a fan favorite, and everyone loved the chemistry of Manav and Archana.

However, Sushant decided to leave the show as he wanted to do something different in his life.

Moreover, he gravitated towards mainstream Bollywood movies and wanted to be part of it.

He quit the show, and makers brought famous TV actor Hiten Tejwani to replace Manav in the show.

Makers reported that as Sushant left the show, the show’s TRP fell drastically.

3. Cezanne Khan

Kasautii zindagii Kay is considered one of the most popular Indian TV series.

Most of the serial content revolved around the love story of Anurag and Prerna.

The show was getting everyone’s attention when Sijain Khan decided to quit not only the show but the whole Indian TV industry.

Cezanne went back to Pakistan due to which showrunners have to replace the actor with another promising lead.

Within a week, the serial lost its charm and the continuously getting low TRP is the cause that shows runners decided to wrap the show.

According to sources, the show ended within a year after Cezanne Khan quit the show.

4. Karan Singh Grover:

Karan Singh Grover is famous in the TV industry for his Casanova image. He was considered one of the most promising TV actors who made his debut with the serial ‘Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi’.

Karan Singh Grover rose to fame after his hit serial Qabool Hai that started in 2012.

Fans loved the chemistry of show actress Surbhi Jyoti and Karan Singh Grover.

However, he has been dropped out of the show for his unprofessional behavior on sets.

“Unprofessional behavior will always be accorded with strict disciplinary action,” said Ajay Bhalwankar who is the content head, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited.

 “Actors should not take things lightly when they agree to be a part of a show as their erratic behavior can affect the livelihoods of many others who are working on it.

No actor can hold shoots or dictate their terms and conditions to an extent that it hampers the show,” he added.

Well, the decision to drop Karan Singh Grover backfired the show. Even though the show continued to air for a little longer. The show’s TRP was affected by brutally.