Famous Kabir characters of Bollywood

An actor is a person who has the skills to disappear into the role and make us forget that we’re seeing a performance in the first place. There are several Bollywood movies which are not remembered by their name but by their characters!! Whenever we listen to the name of Raj or Rahul, the first thought that runs our mind is of the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan. Then talking about Prem, it reminds us of Salman Khan because of the innumerable characters intimidated by him on this name. Sometimes it’s not the actor but the character played by them which is remembered by all!! Right? Though there are infinite numbers of characters that have existed in the Bollywood industry, the recently released box-office hit, Kabir Singh, made us remind the other “Kabirs” of Bollywood. So, today we have gathered a list of ‘Kabir’ characters in Bollywood who became everyone’s favorite due to their personality traits and style statement. Let’s have a look:

KABIR SINGH – Shahid Kapoor

Talking about the latest character first, the name of Kabir Singh is self-explanatory and does not need much introduction. This character was intimidated by tremendously talented actor Shahid Kapoor. His arrogance, anger, roughness and violent character in the movie was loved by all. This Shahid Kapoor film was perhaps the most misogynistic Indian film in a long time. And ever since the release of the film, it has become hard to imagine anyone but Shahid Kapoor in the title role of movie Kabir Singh!!

KABIR KHAN – Shah Rukh Khan

Though we already know the actor by various characters played by him like Raj and Rahul, the other character that cast a mark in Bollywood and was praised by all was of Kabir Khan from the movie Chak De India. Remember, “Sattar minute hai tumhaare paas” speech in the film? Well, Shah Rukh was portrayed as the former captain of the Indian men’s national field hockey team in the film who after a disastrous loss to Pakistan, is ostracized from the sport and he and his mother are driven from the family home by angry neighbors. Seven years later, to redeem himself, Kabir becomes the coach of the Indian national women’s hockey team and aims to turn its sixteen contentious players into a championship unit. This inspirational Kabir is something we could certainly never forget.

KABIR THAPAR – Ranbir Kapoor

We could not help but fall in love with this Kabir!! Not only Naina, but we were also the ones who instantly fell for the cool and passionate character played by him in the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Though his nickname was bunny in the film, still Kabir has an impact on the character traits!! The role of Kabir Thappar was perhaps one of the best and sensational characters played by him which not only became the reason for the success of the film but also made many girls drool over Ranbir.

KABIR MEHRA – Ranveer Singh

Ranveer is a well-known actor for his exemplary performance. He really gets into the skin of the character and makes us believe that the character is actually real!! Right? The actor played the protagonist of Kabir Mehra in the film Dil Dhadakne Do and was a way too good in his own way. Apart from the story, Kabir’s daring and fearless was perhaps the other good thing about the film.


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was one of the best movies ever produced in Bollywood. Abhay Deol was the one who played the character of an innocent Kabir Deewan who was stuck into an unwanted relationship. This Kabir was appreciated by all and was loved because he was a way too good and wasn’t able to break anyone’s heart even if it lands him into trouble. 

KABIR – John Abraham

It was a 2004 film Dhoom through which Kabir was introduced into Bollywood! This fictional character was played by actor John Abraham and this ‘chor’ swept away the audience with his exemplary performance and robberies. His cunning robbery in the film was something that we truly miss in the other Dhoom franchise!


Kabir Kamlesh Bansal or Ka from the movie Ki & Ka was perhaps the ideal husband that any women desire for! Right? Who doesn’t want a husband who supports your work, takes care of the family and most importantly cook delicacies for you! The character of Kabir in the movie was played by the handsome hunk Arjun Kapoor whom we instantly fell in love with! He was not only a character but an inspiration for all of us that it’s not only a duty of women to take care of the house but men can also do it!

MAJOR KABIR – Hrithik Roshan

Let’s admit that we haven’t imagined anybody could have performed the character better than Hrithik, Right? He was the most handsome soldier that you could instantly fall for! Hrithik Roshan was the one who played the role of major Kabir in the film War. Not only Vaani Kapoor, but we also couldn’t help ourselves but fall in love with him. His acting and action skills were amazing in the movie and were worth a watch!

KABIR KAUL – Zaheer Iqbal

The last but not the least in the list is the name of Kabir Kaul from the movie Notebook. It is a 2009 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film produced by Salman Khan under Salman Khan Films and directed by Nitin Kakkar. Actor Zaheer Iqbal played the lead in the film as Kabir and his subtle character in the film was truly lovable!