Divya Bharti’s Cousin Is Also Part Of Bollywood

Whenever we talk about beauty in Bollywood, how can we forget to mention actress Divya Bharti.

Her beauty competed with Sridevi and during her one year stay in the industry, her craze was appreciated by not only common people but filmmakers as well.

The memories of Divya Bharti, called Bollywood dolls, are still fresh in people’s hearts. Divya, who said goodbye to the world at the age of just 19, has not been forgotten by her family and her husband.

Sajid’s second wife has not forgotten her even after 27 years. Sajid Nadiadwala’s second wife Wardha once revealed in an interview about Divya Bharti.

She said that even though Divya is not physically with us today, she is always living in the memories of family. She also spoke about the special connection between Divya Bharti and her children.

Let me tell you that Divya Bharti was one of the famous actresses of Bollywood. She got fame at a young age and she was also tied in marriage with Sajid.

Divya Bharti left this world on 5 April 1993. The reason for her death remains mysterious even today. She died after falling from the roof, while some believe she was pushed.

Sajid married Wardha after Divya’s death. Wardha says, I did marry Sajid, but never tried to replace Divya. People also question me but for me, Divya’s family, her father, and her brother Kunal are like my own family.

She said that even today when my children watch any of Divya’s films, they call her big mother. Divya’s father himself also treats Sajid like a son.

Divya Bharti’s death is mysterious

Let me tell you that Divya Bharti and Sajid Nadiadwala met on the sets of Shola Aur Shabnam. The two fell in love working together.

After this, Sajid and Divya married on 10 May 1992. Shortly before the completion of one year of marriage, on April 5, Divya died after falling from the roof.

Divya was in love with Sajid and she changed her name from Divya to Sana to marry him. Divya married when she was at the height of her career.

She made her Telugu film Bobli Raja in 1990. She acted in the 1992 Bollywood movie Vishwatma.

The song of this film has crossed the tongue of people even today. The song was filmed on Divya Bharti. Apart from this, she did 13 more films in Bollywood.

Divya is not among us today, but whoever has seen her working on the screen gets lost in her memories. Divya had not lived a long life but her life was big.

At a very little age, she got everything, career, success, love, and not to talk about her doll-like beauty. Sajid married Wardha 8 years after Divya’s death.

She was an actress in the Hindi film industry who made her mark at a very young age. She acted in many hit films. After her death, Divya Bharti left behind assets worth Rs 70 crore for her family members.

However, Divya Bharti’s cousin sister Kainaat is equally beautiful. Have you seen her pictures?

All the beautiful actresses in Bollywood are still remembered for their talent and beauty. Such was the beautifully perfected Divya Bharti of the 90s, who is not among us today.

Arora was born and brought up in a Punjabi family and her family home is located in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Kainaat is the second cousin of late actress Divya Bharti.

She is not just an actress but also a good human being. In the year 2012, she adopted an old lady and she is taking good care of her.

There is still a question, whether she committed suicide or she was killed.

Well, from the last few days, the pictures of her sister Kainaat Arora is getting viral on social media. Divya’s younger sister Kainaat Arora is no less than her in terms of beauty.

Kainaat is very beautiful and has made a place in the hearts of millions of people through Punjabi films.

Kainaat Arora has appeared in the 2013 Bollywood film Grand Masti, it was her debut film in Bollywood.

Kainaat’s acting skills and camera presence were appreciated by people. The film did a business of good business at the box-office.

Recently some fascinating pictures of Kainaat have also appeared in which she looks very lovely. Kainaat Arora has worked in many Punjabi films and is also very active on social media.

Kainaat shares her photos on social media for her fans and gets thousands of likes and comments.

Checkout some her Instagram pics