Dirtiest Secrets About Bigg Boss few People Know

The Most controversial Reality show ever in the Indian Television is no other than Bigg Boss! According to sources, The Upcoming 13th Season of the show is going to air in september.

In the show, Contestants from different walks of life are locked in a common house. They perform and complete various tasks and compete with each other in order to win a cash prize.

It sounds very easy, but it aint. The show is fulled with different secrets and emotions which are hard to believe. So here we are with a list of

Secrets About Bigg Boss That are less Known! :-

1.Holy Books are not Allowed!

Any type of holy books are not allowed inside bigg boss house by the contestants, however they themselves provide it to inmates if they want to read.

2. Navjot Singh Sidhu

Sidhu is the only contestant till date who was never voted for the elimination by inmates.

3.Want to Leave? Pay 50 Lakh.

Bigg Boss pays you for coming in the house and also for winning the competetion. But if you want to leave in between, you can go but in return need to pay a big amount maybe around 50 Lakh INR.

4. No Editing/Cutting of any footage.

Well, Some say that inmates were many a times found doing intimacy scenes and those shots were cut from the episode but others say it doesn’t happen as it was also aired 24×7 live on their official site.

5. Liquor in Juice Packaging!

According to sources, inmates were provided Alcohol in juice packaging!

6. No Discussion with any contestant before Joining!

Credits: Scoopwhoop

Bhai meri Bigg Boss mein entry ho gayi.” “Are bhai meri bhi.” – Strict no no.

All secretive conspiracies need to be hatched in front of the ‘hidden’ cameras.

7. Bigg Boss Entry= $$$

According to the sources, Bigg Boss paid the contestants some good amount of money according to their controversial value for coming and joining the house for 2 months.

8. Who Said Inmates Clean the House?

It is shown on TV that inmates do all the work from cooking to cleaning, But as seen in the picture, some cleaners are hired to do the job.

9. Not Just People live in Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss is set in the beatiful city of Lonavala Hill Station Near Mumbai. It is a type of jungle so there were incidents when some insects or small animals entered the house and contestants were frightened.

10.Weekly pay after surviving two weeks

There were some secret news that told that after living for 2 weeks, Bigg Boss starts paying them!

These were some of the secrets of the popular Bigg Boss House which are still not known by the common people.

However show is still enjoyable.

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