Dialogues Of Dr. Hathi That Will Teach You Beautiful Life Lessons


Dr. Hathi, the doctor from Sony’s famous Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah has always been so relatable to a common Indian man. The Hathi family among all the families in Gokuldham Society was different on the show because of how common they were. 

Dr. Hathi was the character that gave the most common but wise advice which we often forget while aiming for better. He was the most grounded character. And therefore, the most relatable too. He made us laugh many times all these years. He was a delight to watch on the show.

Let us revisit his 10 best dialogues from the show Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma.

1. When he was the best supportive neighbour to everybody

“Sahi Baat Hai”

Dr. Hathi always agreed with the right thoughts and was always supportive in every possible way to each Gokuldham resident. And ‘sahi baat hai’ was his very simple way of doing that. Also, this was his most common line in the whole show as well.

2. When he gained weight on weight loss journey

“Waha wo bahut kasrat karvate thee, aur kasrat karne ke baad aur bhook lagti thii. Isliye pehle se jyada wazan badh gaya.”

Isn’t it what we all go through while trying to lose weight? And we feel so bad about it. But Dr. Hathi owned it well and explained himself without feeling bad.

He did try his best to lose weight, but things didn’t go as planned like they do most of the time. And this dialogue presents a realistic side of it very well.

3. When he taught his son ‘sharing is caring’

“Haan haan, le jao beta. Hamesha mil baant ke khana chahiye. Sabko khilana.”

In one episode there are too many samosas in the house because both his wife Komal Hathi and Dr. Hathi bring them for each other.

And when his son Goli asks if he can take the extra ones for his friends, Dr. Hathi not only allows him to do so but also tells him that it’s good to share food and we should do that often.

4. When he reminded us of the best medicine on the planet

“Sab tension bhula ke haso”

He, like a good doctor, not only advised everyone to laugh, but also like a good cheerful and fun neighbor, participated in the Fancy Dress Competition dressed as a laughing Buddha, and made everyone laugh.  

5. When he gave one of the best marriage advices ever

“Patni ke aage jhukoge toh hamesha khush rahoge.”

In one episode the one and only secretary of the Gokuldham Society, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide faced dissension in his marriage.

That time Dr. Hathi gave him a piece of advice saying that the one who took a step down for his wife would live the happiest. 

6. When he was the foodie like us

“Meri naak sirf naak nahi, network hai. Aas-pass ke 1 kilometer ke dayre mein koi bhi badhiya cheej khane ki ho, mere naak ka antenna turant khushboo pakad leta hai.”

Like any other hardcore foodie, Dr. Hathi comes back smelling the new sweet forgetting about the work he was on the way. 

7. When he owned his failure gracefully

“Naach na jaane angan tedha, mujhe khane do tum ladoo pedha.”

He said this after he failed to learn dancing from his wife. How can one get mad at him after that? 

8. When he was the best father

“Jab beta jeet’ta hai toh baap ka seena aur chauda ho jata hai. Khoob aage badhna.”

He says this when Goli wins the rasgulla eating competition against Dr. Hathi. What Goli didn’t know is that his father let him win intentionally just to give him a little more happiness.

9. When he gave another classic health advice

“Jo insaan dil se fresh khana khata hai, uska paet kabhi kharab nahi hota.”

He says this to a patient who refuses to eat Mrs. Hathi’s home-cooked food. This dialogue surely makes us rethink our food choices. 

10. When he told us to become fit instead of slim

“Dekhiye aapka jo mann kare wo khaya kijiye, lekin ghar ka bana khaya kijiye aur kam khaye. Haan aur ek baat yaad rakhna, kasrat karte rehna. Yoga kariye, walk kariye. Aur aap hamesha fit rahenge.”

While addressing a patient’s concern over his weight despite exercising and dieting, Dr. Hathi tells him to stay active and eat healthily. And not to stress over weight gain. 

Surely, Dr. Hathi’s character gave us so much to apply in our daily lives. Every one of his dialogues is either so relatable or the best advice any common man would need for a happy life.