Dark Characters Played Brilliantly By Amazing Manoj Bajpayee


Manoj Bajpayee stands out one of the most talented actors working in the Bollywood industry today.

He has been part of many good films in the industry and dazed the audience with the selection of roles in both commercials as well as offbeat movies.

While you appreciate the actor for the role of a gay professor in Aligarh or the smart cop in The Family Man.

Take a look at his filmography for only the dark or shady character he played in front of the camera without thinking twice about his image in the public.

Manoj Bajpayee is a versatile actor and often lay challenging roles.

Such actors can be typecasted for a certain type of role. Here we look at the list of dark characters played brilliantly by Manoj Bajpayee.


Let’s start the list with one of the most underrated performances by the actor. In the Ram Gopal Varma directed mystery thriller, Manoj Bajpayee played the layered character.

It is the story of a stormy night when a stranger pleads to a lady to enter her home and serial killer suspense started.


Road is a thriller movie where Manoj Baajpayee stole the show. It is a story of a couple Arvind and Lakshmi who decide to give a lift to a hitchhiker named Babu.

Later, the twist came and things take a turn for the worse when Babu kidnaps Lakshmi.

Bandit Queen

Bandit Queen was banned in India for the graphic scenes including in the movie runtime. However, the movie has one of the best performances of Manoj Bajpayee in the role of Dacoit Man Singh. His performance in the movie was praised by everyone.


Manoj Bajpayee played an important role in the Duad starring Sanjay Dutt. The story revolves around Nandu, a small-time thief, who has to smuggle an unknown packet for the money.

With police and goons following him, it is more like an adventure movie.


Satya made Manoj Bajpayee a household name in the industry. His iconic dialogue in the movie, ‘Mumbai Ka King Kaun… Bhiku Mhatre because famous and people still watch this movie to get the acting lesson from Manoj Bajpayee.


Aks is a twisted thriller spiced up with Bollywood masala. In the movie, as the assassin was hanged to death but killings continue to occur similarly.

The search for the copycat killer leads to the cop who had arrested the assassin. We still hadn’t given you any spoilers.

Gangs Of Wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur became the cult hit in Bollywood. All the actors in the movies are praiseworthy including the director. However, Manoj Bajpayee’s Sardar Khan stands out.

The portrayal of selfish, pervert, and yet lovely Sardar Khan is mesmerizing to watch every time.

Mrs. Serial Killer

The recently released Mrs. Serial Killer on Netflix has another layered character brilliantly showcased by the actor. In the movie, he played the role of psycho killers who kills all the girls who got pregnant before marriage.

Gali Guleiyan

Gali Guleiyan is another mind-bending psychological thriller where you can see the acting potential of Manoj Bajpayee. The story revolves around a shopkeeper named Khuddoos who gets caught up in the maze of his mind.

Kriti Short Film

Kriti is the story of a person who is having the psychotic disorder and he started imagining things. It made him doubt his reality and he ended up killing people around him.

Later, he ends at the point where viewers get confused with the reality of the main character.


Sonchiriya is the extended version of the character Man Singh we have seen in the Bandit Queen. He played the Dacoit Maan Singh again who leads the whole gang in the barren land of Chambal.


Tevar also presents Manoj Bajpayee in a whole different light. You will be amazed to see the range actor possesses. He played the wannabe minister who falls in love with a girl and wants to marry her.


The multi starrer Rajneeti is the rip off of Mahabharat. In the movie, Manoj Bajpayee was playing the modern version of Duryodhan. He made his character outstanding by giving motives to the character.


Aarakshan movies revolve around the system and its decision to reserve seats for under privilege community.

It shows the dramatic event when a teacher decides to educate all the people irrespective of where they came from.