Creative Mistakes In The Movie Laxmii.

The Laxmii starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani was considered a promising release on the OTT platform when it was announced.

Sadly the movie failed drastically to impress the audience. Moreover, fans pointed out the silly mistakes in the movies that disturbed the movie-watching experience.

Some critics have mentioned that Laxmii is not at all cinematic. There are many creative mistakes as well as continuity errors in the movie.

Take a look at some of the mistakes in the movie.

The Winding Dupatta

As per the scene demand, the dupatta must fly and fall to the haunted premise. It is an easy-going scene and can be performed with the artificial wind.

Well, the makers failed to create the impact in the scene as only Dupatta was affected by the wind and not the trees and leaves in the background. The scene was not at all cinematic.

The mysterious wall

The scene where Asif played by Akshay Kumar exposed the Tantrik wasn’t shot well.

The scene was set in the middle of the ground. The moment Tantrik threw water on the wall, the water was red.

The problem is not the red water but the distance as the wall was far away. Moreover, the Tantrik was in the middle circled by people all around.

The rainproof dress

Although the rain and atmosphere were created by CGI, it was watchable. However, continuity errors are the thing that created a sense of vague and worst filmmaking practice in Bollywood.

Just after the rain scene in the movie, Asif with the kid returned home showing the match practice was not nice at all.

The problem is they weren’t wet. All their clothes were dry like nothing rainy happened at all.

Filmmaking has raised its standard where directors started putting hidden details in the films. At such times, we also have movies like this.

Missed the cliché horror movie trope

What normal people do when they find themselves in a situation as eerie as a ghost?

To be honest, normal people switch on the lights. This is the expected and authentic horror movie trope.

However, the makers of Laxmii missed the mark completely and in all the scenes where any family member encounter ghost or finds themselves in an eerie situation, they start running without switching on lights.

Finding the ghost in the most comical way possible

Just before the interval, there was a scene where family members were confirming whether their house was haunted or not.

The Babaji has given them 3 tasks to ensure the existence of ghosts. The funny part is that every task confirms 33 percent existence of the ghost.

And the comical part is that family members had performed all three tasks. Do you find any logic in it?

Offering empty cup pretending tea

First, fans were asking why Asif used the same grass where he washed those dirty wickets.

Second, the iconic lemongrass tea he offered his father-in-law was empty. It is the director’s mistake that he shot the scene at an angle that exposed the emptiness of the cup.

Well, it was the actor’s performance most of the time. Sadly, the scene was not convincing at all.

The curious case of missing Haldi and Slippers

There is a scene in the movie where Akshay Kumar’s possessed by Laxmii was exposed to the family.

In the scene, he attacked his brother-in-law accusing him of inappropriate touch.

The main point is the continuity error in the scene as Akshay Jumped and said his dialogues with his slippers on but it was gone in the next frame when he addressed the issue further.

The bogus set design

The scene where Asif’s brother-in-law hit the table on the ground. It can be seen that the table was made up of thermocol sheets.

The same incident was found again when Laxmii (Sharad Kelkar) picked up a flower pot, it was visible that it was already broken.

Similarly, when a man hit the glass table, it was already broken before the man hit the table.

Cinematic hostage video

Remember the scene when Asif possessed by Laxmii showed some clips of a girl walking on the train.

Did you notice the quality of the video? The video was shot beautifully with a multi-camera setup. Clearly, not a good creative decision at all.

Ghosts changing clothes

We have seen movies where a person possessed by a ghost talks in a weird metallic voice.

In this way, Laxmii is on another level as Akshay’s clothes keeps changing everytime he was possessed by ghosts. The idea behind this was not explained by the makers.