Bollywood characters Who We want to be friends with in Real Life


They say Bollywood movies took inspiration from real people. In a nutshell, all the characters we see in movies are a caricature of some person who lived or is living in the world.

Surely some characters have impressed us in many ways as we want to see them in real life.

For instance, we see ourselves in some characters, similarly, some characters in Bollywood movies can be great friends and we all want them to be in our life.

Here we summoned the list of some beautiful friendly characters that we wish to exist in our life.

Jai from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa

Jai aka Rat is the most loved character in the movie. He can be a perfect friend that we want on our side.

Even though he doesn’t fight people, he saves his friends from all the danger.

Bahadur from Krrish

Do you have any friends who listen to all your bullshit all day? Well… the chances are very low and this is the reason that Bahadur from Krrish looks fiction to many people.

However, we can pray to God to bless us with such a friend.

Circuit from Munnabhai Series

Circuit and Munna’s legend will become popular and people will read this in history as well. This is the popularity of the movie.

Apart from the movie, the dialogue, ‘Bhai ne bola dikhta hai to dikhta hai’ stands out. It shows Circuit’s care for Munnabhai.

Aisha from Wake Up Sid

You probably want a friend who can take care of you when you go through something. Aisha is very caring and she often guides Sid to do good things. Such friends will help us to get success in life.

MC Sher from Gully Boy

MC Sher is more like a mentor friend to Murad. He helped him to become a rapper and also encouraged him to sing as well.

Such friends will help us with all the difficulties and watch our back all the time.

Shashi from English Vinglish

Sridevi’s Shashi from the English Vinglish is a caring mother and a supportive friend.

Being with someone like Shashi can help you to put more effort into your work while she will handle all the other stuff around.

Anjali from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

You really need someone who can encourage your good humor all the time. A friend like Anjali from K3G will always admire your talent and makes you feel happy all the time with her energy.

Tara from Tamasha

Who changed Ved’s life goals and helped him accomplish his dreams? Of course, it is Tara.

The character of Tara is written brilliantly. She helped Ved to recognize his talent and what he wants.

Barfi from Barfi

Despite being deaf and mute, Barfi is all amazing in his own way. He is charming and very mischievous.

While he wants someone who won’t leave him, we truly want someone like him in our life.

Kabir from Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara

Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara is an adventure of 3 friends’ reunion and exploring Spain. While Hrithik and Farhan have their own motives.

Kabir is the character we want to spend time with as a friend. He wants fun with his friends only.

Vishan from Yarana

Yaarana is another typical Bollywood tale about friendship. Vishan in the movie was such a sweet friend that he risked his family for the success of his friend.

Sam and Kunaal from Dostana

Talking about friendship where friends can do anything for friends, Dostana set the bar very high. While Vishan risked his life for a friend.

Sam and Kunaal did the dare no one think just to apologize to his friends. Thus, the gay kiss of Sam and Kunaal made them in this list.

Govind from Kai Po Che

Govind is the true friend as he came up with a business idea to help his friends. He was very mature and worked with a practical mind.

We seriously need a guy like him in our life.

Shailesh from Half Girlfriend

The character of Shailesh has very little time on screen but he left the long-lasting impact.

He is the true friend of Madhav who encourages him as well as gives him a reality check.

Shiva from Kabir Singh

Shiva is the friend we need in our life who cares for us or looks after us every time.

While Kabir irritated everyone with his attitude, Shiva stuck to him and helped him in every step of his life.