Bollywood Characters Were Too Nice & Hard to find In Real Life

Bollywood is often criticized for making their character unreal. There were times when Bollywood movies portray the image of a hero as lovable and righteous.

Later filmmakers found out it is very unreal as people can’t be just black and white with their motives, the characters must be grey with their own means and emotions.

After that, movies were made where actors look more natural as they sometimes do bad things for their own means.

For instance, Chulbul Pandey is a corrupt but Dabangg inspector. However, there are many times when writers have written characters that are too good to be true or too nice to handle.

Take a good look at these 10 characters from Bollywood movies who are too nice to handle in real life.

1. Ram in Dhadkan

You would probably think how can someone be so good? Ram accepts Anjali even though Anjali was in love with someone else.

Ram is the husband who has no problem with Anjali being unaffectionate and not loving her.

Ram loves his family even when they fooled him at every step. Ram is a doting son, and a caring husband and all the likable features one would imagine.

2. Vivek in Hum Saath Saath Hain

Suraj Barjatya is famous for making family dramas with good fun-loving characters. The character of Vivek from Hum Saath Saath Hain is surely not from this world.

He talks nicely to everyone, cares for everyone, and even leaves the home with his pregnant wife as he sees his mother is upset.

3. Arohi in Aashiqui 2

Arohi is the perfect girlfriend that every guy would wish for. It is probably because her character was written in a monotonous emotion.

She never sees any flaw in Rahul even when he dies in the alcohol pool. In reality, nobody has that sort of tolerance.

4. Vanraj in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Let’s talk for real, it can be a good romance novel to read or watch a film but nobody ever does such things.

In the movie, Vanraj decides to unite her newlywed wife Nandini with her lover Sameer.

5. Arjun in Namastey London

Another too good to be true character is Arjun from Namaste London. He came to London for the love of his life, Jasmeet.

However, he was fooled by Jasmeet and then he prepared Jasmeet to get married to her boyfriend.

Well, preparing your love to get married to someone else is one of the most difficult things to do as it tears your heart apart. These types of love stories don’t happen these days.

6. Rawal Ratan Singh in Padmaavat

The politics belong to kings even when they are Rajput. So we can agree on this that the character of Ratan Singh was written brilliantly in the movie Padmaavat.

Even Khilji was amazed at the ‘Achhe Asool’ of Ratan Singh.

7. Raju in Bandhan

Life is sorted when you limit yourself from thoughts. Salman Khan in the Bandhan is the most obedient and affectionate brother in law with dialogues like, ‘Jo Jijaji Kahenge Main Wo Hi Karunga’. The character of Raju belongs to a utopian world.

8. Mastani in Bajirao Mastani

Deepika Padukone’s Mastani is a pure white character as she is deeply in love with Bajirao even when Bajirao gave her nothing more than some good moments.

She took all the insults, lewd judgments, and many attacks for the sake of her love.

9. Raju in Beta

Raju is the ideal son for every mother, and no doubt all mothers would secretly hope to get a son like Raju.

He locks his father, beats his wife, and does everything blindly for her mother even when everyone tells him her secret plans.

10. Poonam in Vivah

Another Suraj Barjatya film sets the bar for the goodness in the family. However, the winner is Poonam played by Amrita Rao.

Throughout the movie, she got a lot of insult and hatred from her Chachi but she always respected and cared for her.

On her own wedding day, she chooses to put her cousin first when the mishap happened and their houses were burning. Poonam is seriously too good to be a true girl.

We know Bollywood is filled with such types of characters. Comment down other characters that are pure white and too good to be true. Bollywood surely makes us keep our faith in goodness alive!