Bizarre Bollywood Songs Inspired By Indian Food We Wish Were Never Made

You have listened to songs that have soul pleasing music and heart whelming lyrics. However, some songwriters got inspiration from Indian foods and made songs on it. Well… it was started as a joke but many musicians have taken it seriously and made songs on foods.

If we consider Bhojpuri music, then there must be a separate list with songs like ‘International Litti-Chokha, Lollypop, and many more.

Moreover, Coca Cola Tu from T-Series is a big hit, and seriously the future of the music industry is too bright if they consider a song for each beverage and dish.

Here we have created a funny list of Bollywood songs that are based on Indian foods.

1. Samose Mein Aaloo from Mr. And Mrs. Khiladi 

Samose Mein Aaloo is one of the chartbusters’ 90’s songs starring Juhi Chawla and Akshay Kumar. It was dedicated to a famous Indian snack called Samosa.

Even devoted samosa lovers might have cringed after hearing its weird lyrics. For instance one line in the song is “Jab tak rahega samose mein aaloo, chipki rahegi tujhse ye saalo“.

2. Doodh ban jaungi, malai ban jaungi from Sarhad

This is a song which we did not know existed till recently. The song begins with, “Doodh ban jaungi, malai ban jaungi, machhi ban jaungi kebab ban jaungi’’.

We don’t think many fish and kabab lovers would enjoy listening to this song. If you want to listen to this song, all you have to do is search songs inspired by food on the YouTube search box.

3. ‘Ice cream khaungi, Kashmir jaungi’ from The Xpose

We could not decipher the meaning of the line “Ice cream khaungi, Kashmir jaungi, sholo mein Dhadke jiya…“. This song was dedicated to all the ice cream lovers.

Other than the lyrics of the song we also don’t know how the dance and lyrics fit together. Did they try to say eating ice-creaming will take us to Kashmir?

4. Jalebi Bai from Double Dhamaal

Remember the item song in Double Dhamaal? The song topped the charts for a long time. Mallika Sherawat became the Jalebi Bai in the song and the song was as sexy as funny with its catchy lyrics.

Well, Jalebi is the sweet dish and we all know about it, now we know Jalebi Bai too.

5. Mohabbat Hai Mirchi from Chura Liya Hai Tumne

Chura Liya Hai Tumne tanked at the box office, and nobody even remembers a movie by such title. Any attention movie got was probably because of the song

‘Teekhi Teekhi Tej Tej Yeh Sooli Par Hai Sej Sej Imaan Bankar Tum Rakhlo Mohabbat Hai Mirchi Mohabbat Hai Mirchi Mohabbat Hai’?

They were trying to use chilly as a metaphor for love, didn’t you get it.

6. Raste Se Ja Raha Tha Bhel Puri Kha Raha Tha from Coolie Number 1

It was the song that people continue to use as sarcasm for people who poke their nose in every matter.

‘Bhel Puri Kha Raha Tha, Raste Se Ja raha tha, tujhe Mirchi Lagi To Mai Kya Karu.’ What a song. This is the reason that 90s movies are still remembered.

7. Afghan Jalebi from Phantom

Afghan Jalebi was another song where sweet dish Jalebi was used. It is different because Katrina Kaif was compared with the Afgan jalebi matching the characteristics.

After listening to the song, people couldn’t resist saying ‘Bhai Waah Bhai Waah’. If you don’t trust us then listen to the song yourself.

8. Aaj Unse Milna Hai Hame from Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo

There was a long song sequence in the movie where Prem was about to meet Rajkumari for the first time. In this excitement he was not just traveling but dancing and singing too.

He uses everything in the song whatever he sees like Guziya, Barfi, Mathri, Chakli Chura, and whatnot.

9. Tak Tana Nana Tandoori Nights from Karzzz

Himesh Reshammiya musical Karzzz was the much-talked remake of Rishi Kapoor Karz. There were many songs in the movie and most of them have hook lyrics.

However, the song ‘Tak Tana Nana Tandoori Nights’ is somewhat nonsensical and amazing at the same time. Only God and Himesh know what Tandoori Nights means.

10. I’m Nariyal Paani Wala from Agneepath

Nariyal Paani is one of the most sold beverages in India. There are many customers of this organic beverage. The musicians have promoted it well with the song

“I’m Nariyal Paani Wala” where Mithun was selling those Nariyal Paani like a street vendor.