Asli Hero. 12 Roles Played Brilliantly By Vijay Raaz.


Talking about the good actors in the industry, a name that comes to mind is Vijay Raaz. Little you know that the actor has no training and experience in the acting profession when he got the first chance to face the camera in Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding.

Vijay Raaz as an actor stands out of the crowd and can be memorable even in films with big stars. For example, what do you remember about Abhishek Bachchan starrer Run?

We are pretty sure you remember nothing but the Vijay Raaz scene in the movie.

This is the reason we created this list of good movies of Vijay Raaz for the audience. Check out the list to know the 12 roles of Vijay Raaz that prove he can perform anything brilliantly in front of the camera.

Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Wedding is the first movie for Vijay Raaz. It is not a conventional Bollywood film though as it has sensitive topics and many subplots. Vijay Raaz played the character of a wedding planner who falls for a Christian girl.

The character played by him was complex but Vijay Raaz’s captivating acting stole the show.


Run is not a good movie as per the audience and this is the reason that it is not remembered by many people. However, the scene of Vijay Raaz having Kauwa Biryani is one of the best scenes in the movie.

Vijay Raaz proved that he can hold the audience’s attention with his comic timing as well.

Deewane Huye Paagal

The movie is a brainless slapstick comedy with many big names as an actor. However, Vijay Raaz’s performance in the movie outshines many performances. He was the best friend of Akshay Kumar and he charmed everyone with his goofiness.

He didn’t have many elaborate scenes but he shines in every frame of the movie.


Dhamaal became a classic in Bollywood comedies. Since there are many scenes in the movie that are everyone’s favorite.

One scene in particular involved Vijay Raaz as an emergency service executive who helps two people to land the plane.

The scenes are dialogues that are still everyone’s favorite.


In Welcome, Vijay Raaz played a fake whimsical director who is hot-headed and works on his mind. His iconic dialogue ‘Raste par se Uthakar Star Banaunga’ is very popular in memes world.

He was funny, and goofy in all the scenes he performed.

Delhi Belly

This movie was a breakthrough for Vijay Raaz as he played the villain, Don Somyajulu in the movie who is involved in diamond smuggling.

His anger in the movie is hilarious and terrifying at the same time for audiences. Most of the fans enjoyed the movie because of the weirdness of Vijay Raaz.


In a recently released film Pataakha, Vijay Raaz played the father of two daughters who often fight for nothing. His portrayal of a tired father is very authentic in every frame of the movie.

In the end, it was Vijay Raaz who reunited his two daughters and made them realize that they can’t ever live happily without each other.

Bombay To Goa

One of the best films in Vijay Raaz’s career as he played the full-fledged role of the bus driver. He was smart, cunning, and very helpful throughout the movie.

The movie has many comedy artists however, the performance of Vijay Raaz outshines everyone in the movie.

Gully Boy

The movie focused on the lives of rappers living in the slum of Mumbai. Vijay Raaz played the father of Murad in the movie. His transformation from an orthodox, abusive father to a proud father left a lot of people in tears.

His presence in the movie can’t get unnoticed.

No problem

Even though the film failed to impress the audience at the box office, the movie is full of fun. Especially the scenes of Vijay Raaz as an out of the box character is the funniest of all.

He played the character who wants to kill himself but every time he creates a difficult situation around him.


In the biopic of Sandeep Sharma, he played the Indian Hockey Coach. With little screen time, he left his impression in the movie. The dialogue, “Tamancha kacche mein rakh lo babua, Bihari hain hum, thook ke matha mein chedd kar denge.” is the highlight of the movie.

Made In Heaven

While people believe that the show concept is similar to TV series Suits. It has some brilliant star cast and costumes throughout the show. Moreover, the performance of Vijay Raaz in the movie is appreciated by everyone.

We just hope he has a bigger role in season 2 of the show.