Mystery Man is loved by bollywood celebs


Have you ever wondered that who is this mysterious man that is seen posting pictures with almost every celebrity of B-town!!?? And how a non-celebrity could have 91K followers with somewhere around 100 posts?? Well, you either need to be a celebrity to work magic with your Instagram page, or you got to know a lot of celebrities that you post pictures with them.

Well, today we are here to reveal this mysterious face. It’s none other than Dr. Jewel Gamadia, Mumbai based doctor and Bollywood’s favorite acupuncturist.

He made his big social media debut somewhere around in October 2017 when actress Anushka Sharma posted a photo with the young doctor saying, ‘Do health the right way! This is what my friend Dr. Jewel has made me realize. Grateful for your amazing knowledge in your field Jewel’. A few days later he got further validation by Katrina Kaif.



His Instagram page was flooded with followers after the celebrity couple ‘Virushka’ – Anushka and Virat posted pictures with him. What kind of doctor is he to have the duo so smitten to promote him on their Instagram page, you ask?

So, to your utter surprise, he’s a physician or rather Bollywood’s favorite physician off lately. Dr. Gamadia is well-known for his cosmetic acupuncture techniques. This doctor is not less than any celebrity now and has posted a picture with almost every A-list celebrities till date.

Every time you scroll through the feeds of Bollywood stars like Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez there’s one thing in common – their fabulous skin. And the reason behind their huge smiles is Dr. Gamadia.

His posts are a series of identical post-treatment selfies with them – the only thing that changes is the face of the star he’s cured.

So, Mumbaikars, this new “jewel” is someone you certainly need to visit if you have skin issues.

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Credits – @Jewel Gamadia Insta