8 Most Helpful Moments Of Indian Police Force

While we all had set a cringe image of police officials already in our minds, we certainly are unaware of the hardships that they all go through. It is truly said, with great powers, comes great responsibility. Being a police officer is not an easy job and involves a passion for serving the country which requires dedication and extreme hard work.

They are the people who sacrifice their families, life, and everything just to keep the public safe. No matter what the occasion is, they are there for us 24 x 7. While we do not have enough words to explain all things they do for us, we certainly have a list of the times when these officials went beyond to set an example for each one of us. Let us have a look:

Mumbai cop who saved victims from Kamala Mill Fire Tragedy

The tragedy occurred on 29 December 2017, when a fire broke out at Kamala Mills, a commercial complex in Lower Parel, Mumbai. This catastrophe caused the deaths of 14 people and injuries to 55 more. The fire even affected the transmission of many television channels as several media companies had their broadcasting office in the compound.

In this tragedy, Constable Sudarshan Shinde showed bravery by climbing seven floors of a burning building thrice to bring down three people on his shoulder. He was one of the several people who reached on the spot along with some other fellow mates and the Fire brigade who began the rescuing operation with an immediate effect.

Not only him but, several others held a helping hand forward and jumped right in to help out. Suraj Giri and Mahesh Sable, the guards at Times Now channel who had their office in the same building were also the ones to help out. 

When Hyderabad police officer saved a kidnapped baby

Now before we start giving the details about the event, this heartwarming picture is of a four-month-old boy named Faizan Khan and Inspector R Sanjay Kumar which went viral on social media in 2017. This was from the time when this four-month-old boy was rescued by the inspector within 15 hours of his kidnapping. This picture is not only pleasing to the eyes but left a deep impact on the heart of the inspector to which he even said, “It filled my heart with happiness. The moment may have been captured by the camera, but it will remain etched in my mind forever.’’

The kidnapping of khan took place on a pavement in Nampally in Hyderabad, where he was kidnapped from his mother Humera Begum, a beggar at that place. She found her child missing when she woke up and immediately reached Nampally police station where she gave the details of the missing child. Then within 15 hours of his kidnapping, with the help of CCTV, the inspector traced the kidnappers named Yusuf and Mushtaq. This incident and picture went viral and was shared by several people with some heartwarming captions.

When an Andhra cop pleaded with a repeat traffic offender with folded hands

Well, we always have come across such viral videos where the public alleged the wrong behavior of the police officials after being caught by them and showcase their dominant behavior. However, there are times when the things seen by eyes are not always true!! The police officials are not always harsh and are just performing their duty to keep us safe.

The photo of a cop in Andhra Pradesh went viral where he was seen pleading to the serial traffic criminal and folded his hands in front of them to make them understand the seriousness of the rules. After being repeatedly warned by the police, the offender again went on to repeat the same mistake and in “total resignation, helplessness and frustration,” the cop folded his hands. The cop pleaded with the offender to take responsibility for his life and that of his family.

When UP police celebrated Karwa Chauth

The trend of fasting for the long life of the husband on Karwa Chauth is prevalent in society since ancient times. This auspicious day was made extra special by the UP police when they came forward to celebrate the same with the public. For long lives, what is of utmost importance is following safety measures to remain in good health.

Following this, the UP police in Lucknow distributed helmets on Karwa Chauth to all the wives of men who were threatened to ride their two-wheelers without safety equipment. The helmets were issued as a mark of warning to fasting women and to raise awareness of road safety.

When Delhi police challenged Ravana

While we all know about the history of the king of Lanka from the Hindu epic Ramayana, the character of Ravana was taken to another level when Delhi police challenged Ravana. Yes, this incident came into existence when actor Mukesh Rishi was caught by the Delhi police when he was found riding without a helmet on Harley Davidson while en route to the place where he was supposed to play the character of Ravana.

The actor got caught near the India Gate, where he was fined Rs. 100 and had to head to the headquarters of Delhi Police to pay the fine.

When a Kashmiri policeman saved 10 security personnel during a grenade attack 

An act of bravery with the presence of mind!! Yes, the profession of police is something that requires extreme courage and the ability of the person to sacrifice their life when the time comes. A similar incident happened at Batpora Chowk, Sopore when the policeman was sitting in a mobile bulletproof shelter when a militant hurled a grenade as part of a joint CRPF-J&K police squad. The grenade dropped on the cop’s lap, and he threw it on the road without fearing for his life, saving the lives of 10 security guards.

When UP Police filed a case against a school after a 9-year-old girl’s molestation

Molesting a girl is certainly one of the most prevalent crimes that have been common in society today. While most of the people either opt not to file for a case due to slander, while some people withdraw their case under pressure. However, the UP police helped in setting a great example when they lodged a lawsuit against a school’s staff, including the principal, after a bus driver allegedly molested a 9-year-old girl.

The father of the victim withdrew his case after being pressurized by the people however, this didn’t let the UP police set back and they acted on their own. The police booked and detained the conductor under separate parts of the IPC.

When a railway policeman saved a 50-year-old woman from falling to her death

Even despite being known how dangerous it is to stand near the doors of the moving train, some people still do not take the thing seriously and continue to risk their lives. However, this alert railway cop saved the life of a woman who was about to fall into a crevice between a platform and a moving train. The woman lost her balance and was saved by the policemen. She survived with a few minor injuries.