7 Cricketers Who Are Also Top Government Officials.

Cricket and Bollywood are the two basic aspects that have always been a matter of curiosity amongst fans. Taking cricket into consideration, many cricketers have constantly been seen in the news than whether it is for their gameplay, marriage, or any other aspect.

The craze of the audience and fans for cricket has been overwhelming and they are constantly following them on various social media handles. Though we already know enough about the lives of most of the cricketers, what comes to us as a surprise is the fact that along with being a great player, they have also been engaged to serve the nation.

While these cricketers are already serving the nation by representing the country in the game, there are times when they came forward and took a step to serve the nation by becoming honorable government officials as well. Let’s have a look:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Simply known as MS Dhoni by his fans, the life of this cricketer is much of an open book after the release of his biopic – M.S. Dhoni: The untold story. Through his biopic, the audience got to know the cricketer closely, about the various life events that happened with him and how he successfully made his way to playing cricket for the nation.

Still, what we might not know about the cricketer as of now, is his service as Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Territorial Army. You might have come across various photos of Dhoni being surfaced on various social media handles in the uniform some time back, but might not know about the position he was working at! Right!? Well, getting into details, he was appointed for the position back in 2011after his wonderful contribution towards Indian sports.

He joined the Territorial Army in 106 TA Battalion in Jammu and Kashmir and had trained with the battalion for 15 days before being awarded the honorary title. He was deployed in Kashmir as part of the Victor Force. Dhoni was also appointed as the brand ambassador of the Indian Army to motivate youngsters to join the Army.

Sachin Tendulkar

The former Indian cricketer Sachin also worked as a government official!! Yes, this heart throbbing player whose play made everyone’s heart skip a beat, was honored with the position of Group Captain in the Indian Air Force in 2010. Just like MS Dhoni, he is also the brand ambassador of the Indian Air Force with IAF chief Air Chief Marshal PV Naik to motivate the young generation to join the Indian Air Force.

Like we all know that it requires proper training to attain a position in the air force, so he underwent a process of familiarisation and some basic training with the IAF before finally being awarded the rank. Apart from this, he was also the first active sportsperson who was nominated for a position in Rajya Sabha back in 2012.

And surprisingly, also the first one to be awarded the high position of Group Captain without a previous aviation background.

Harbhajan Singh

One of the exceptional spinners in Indian cricket, Harbajan Singh, was also amongst the ones whose pictures in the uniform surfaced on the internet. Bhajji was probably the first Indian cricketer to take a hat-trick by taking 32 wickets in the test match. The cricketer was embraced with the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police by the Government of Punjab.

Kapil Dev

One of the greatest and talented cricketers of all time Kapil Dev has made a distinct place for himself in the history of Indian cricket. This former Indian cricketer was a fast bowler and a hard-hitting middle-order batsman and was regarded as an all-rounder and an exceptional captain. He led the Indian cricket team to win their first world cup in 1983, being one of the greatest achievements at the time.

He was awarded the position of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army in 2008. Surprisingly, his recent achievement includes being appointed as the first chancellor of the Sport University of Haryana in 2019.

Umesh Yadav

Currently playing for Indian National Team, cricketer Umesh Yadav is the fastest Indian bowler with his top speed being 152.5 km/h. The cricketer was entitled to the position of Assistant Manager in the Reserve Bank of India in its Nagpur office.

The cricketer was considered for the position under the sports quota and joined the coveted organization in 2017. But since the cricketer was still playing for the Indian team, he couldn’t complete the joining formalities.

Joginder Singh Sharma

This Indian cricketer is currently working as a Deputy Superintendent of police in the Haryana Police. He played for the Indian National team in T20 World Cup Champions in 2007 and the CSK team in IPL.

Yuzvendra Chahal

Yes, ending the list with the most talked about cricketer of the year, Yuzvendra Chahal who had been famous on various social media handles these days. The cricketer recently got married to the YouTuber and choreographer, Dhanashree Verma in a private ceremony in December 2020.

Apart from being a great cricketer, yuzi is also a former chess player who had represented India internationally. The various pictures being surfaced on the internet from his wedding, are truly mesmerizing. Chahal became a key member of the Indian limited-overs squad and his partnership with Kuldeep Yadav was surely a game-changer for the Indian team in the middle overs.

Well, talking about the cricketer in terms of serving the nation, the income Tax Department has rightly roped him in by offering the job of an Income-tax officer. Cool, Right!?