6 Strong Reasons Why KGF Chapter 2 Can Become India’s Biggest Box Office Success.

Though we all consider our Hindi cinema as the best, there are various regional cinemas whom we believe or not are exceptionally talented.

While the Bollywood industry is well known for “copying” or taking ideas from other cinemas, there are times when we as fans settle for viewing the original movies from where the film was inspired.

Though the Hollywood and Tamil movies have gained immense popularity amongst the Indian audiences, the new regional cinema being popular amongst the fans is the Kannada film industry solely because of its movie “KGF”.

With the immense success of the movie KGF chapter 1, the movie again made it to headlines after the announcement of its chapter 2.

Talking about chapter 1, this Kannada- language period gangster film was a work by Prashanth Neel, with actor Yash in the lead role as Rocky. This film was dubbed in versions of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi languages.

This film went on to become one of the highest-grossing Kannada films of all time with a collection of ₹250 crores in its entire theatrical run!!If you have seen the movie, the plot was of the character Rocky, a young man who seeks power and wealth to fulfill a promise he made to his dying mother.

His quest takes him to Mumbai, where he gets involved with the notorious gold mafia. The movies’ exceptional plot and acting skills are something that makes the movie worth a watch.

After the tremendous success of Chapter 1, the makers have now come up with the release of chapter 2. The most surprising factor that makes chapter 2 extra special is its craze amongst the fans which has already made the film to break records even before its release.

So, today with his post we have gathered some reasons why KGF Chapter 2 will break all records. Let’s have a look:

Viral trailer – with 6.6 million likes. Already broken record of avengers endgame

As we all know, the trailer for the movie KGF chapter 2 was released recently on 7 Jan 2021. As soon as the trailer was released, it took out a storm on the internet and went on to break the records of all time.

Within a few minutes after its release, it became the top trending news on Twitter in India. With 6.6 million likes, the trailer broke the records of Avengers Endgame which had 3 million likes. The teaser of the film became the 2nd most liked teaser in the World in the first 24 hours.

Though the number of views on the trailer is somewhat less than that of the endgame, it’s expected that it would soon cross them and beat the endgame in terms of views as well. The teaser for KGF chapter 2 has somewhere around 13 crore views and still growing whereas, on the other hand, the avenger’s endgame has approx 14 crore views as of now.

Adheera character – looks like GOT character

The character of Adheera in the movie KGF chapter 2 is being played by the actor Sanjay Dutt. While his character was being compared with the character of Thanos from the Avengers initially, but now the character is being compared with the famous GOT character. This main antagonist’s look from the movie was revealed recently where Sanjay Dutt is “shown to be a dangerous character with scary makeup”.

Adheera is the brother of Sooryavardhan, the late ruler of Kolar Gold Mines (KGF). This powerful, ruthless, and fearless character from the movie played by Sanjay Dutt is one of the characters that makes the movie extra special and worth giving a watch.

The success of KGF Chapter 1

Well, believe it or not, the story plot and characters woven in the first chapter are ultimately the reason for Chapter 2 being immensely popular. The success of chapter 1 is something that gives a sure shot believe to the fact that chapter 2 will certainly be the one that would ultimately break the records of all time.

Raveena Tandon’s powerful role inspired by Indira Gandhi

Another pivotal role in the film would be played by the actress Raveena Tandon. The actress is said to be playing the character of Prime Minister Ramika Sen, which is considered one of the difficult characters to portray. The character of Raveena is also said to be a powerful role which is inspired by the first and, to date, only female Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

While the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is an inspiration and role model to almost every human being, it would be truly mesmerizing to watch the actress Raveena Tandon playing such a crucial role in the film.

The most expensive Kannada film

The film KGF Chapter 2 is considered one of the most expensive Kannada films with a budget of ₹100 crores. It is also said that the film would be dubbed in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi languages. Though the movie was expected to release in October 2020, however, the current ongoing pandemic affected the screening of the movie and it was rescheduled to 2021.


The story of KGF will span over thirty years as Yash grows up seeing the altering dynamics of power-hungry politicians and gangsters who wish to rule the gold business. The movie will also answer if Rocky chooses to keep his love Reena or is only focused on his mission to teach the hungry mongers a lesson.