4 Bollywood actors whose age is seen from face , No.4 is of 62 years!!


Actors in Bollywood are mainly known to rule the industry for a longer time span, they are casted under both categories may it be younger than their actual age or older, they somehow perfectly fits into the role.

Artists in Bollywood need to put a lot of effort on the maintenance of their body so, that they don’t look aged. Because of this fiction world and not being casted according to the age of the actor, public never gets an idea of the existent age of actors.

But today you will get to know the real self of some stars through our post:

  1. Sunil Shetty

Popularly known as Anna of Bollywood Sunil Shetty is the part of Hindi cinema from ages and is quite fit, but his age does not seem to be hidden anymore. He is 57 years old and silver lining can prominently be seen on his head. You can imagine his actual age by looking at these photos.

2.Shahrukh Khan

King Khan of Bollywood manages to hide his age in movies but in real life you can easily judge his actual age by looking at his face and hairs. He now is of 53 years.

3. Ajay Devgan

          Actor Ajay Devgan, who is also known as Bollywood’s Singham, is also the futuristic Bollywood star, he still owns a perfect body. But in reality Ajay Devgan’s age has started reflecting from his face and hair. Ajay Devgan is turning 50 in this April.

4. Sunny Deol

Forever fitness idol in the industry is still in good shape but he now is of 62 years, though his age reflects from his face but his eyes are as strong as they were before.