Facts About India’s Famous Comedian Johnny Lever.

One of the greatest comedians of all time, the actor Johnny Lever has continued to entertain us for ages and has been one of the first-ever stand-up comedians.

This veteran actor has been a part of as many as 300 Bollywood movies so far and still manages to tickle our bones. While there used to be only a handful of such stars in the previous era, the times have changed and there have been plenty of them today.

While the newcomers are also doing insanely well in the field, the actor Johnny Lever has always been one of a kind. While we already know enough about the major film and comical details about the actor, let’s have a look at some of the lesser-known life facts about the actor:

Serious about comedy

What efforts are required to be a comedian? Only a set of good jokes, Right!? Well, no, unlike various other professions, the actor Johnny Lever considers comedy as a serious profession and keeps himself fit for the same.

Though he doesn’t exercise and hits the gym like most of the other actors regularly, whenever he has a performance lined up, the actor gets conscious and tries not to eat rice two before his stage show.

Love for puzzles

Well, it’s not just about a game but about the skill that looks like the actor has inherited from! Yes, we are talking about the amazing choice of words by the actor.

The actor loves to solve crossword puzzles and spends a significant amount of time on the same. As per the actor, this is probably the first thing to start his day with and has been continuing the same for years!

Family and Start of his career

The father of Johnny Lever, Prakash Rao Janumala used to be an operator in Hindustan Lever Ltd. The first time when the actor got recognition and was a turning point in his life was during a function held at Hindustan Lever Ltd.

The actor delivered a performance at the function where he mimicked various senior officers of the company. His performance caught the eyes of officials and was named Johnny Lever from then on!

From John to Johnny

The veteran actor Johnny Lever was initially called John Prakash Rao Janumala. While working for the Hindustan Lever, his mimicry performance at a function gained him the name of Johnny Lever.

A thorough professional

Like we said before, the actor considers his work as a serious profession and is disciplined for the same. Despite reaching the heights of success, the actor likes to stay grounded and is said to be extremely punctual.

This can certainly be assured with his habit of reaching one hour before his appearance at the workplace.

Like father like daughter

The actor is a proud father to two children, a son – Jessy Lever and an extremely talented daughter – Jamie Lever. They have not only inherited the looks of their father but also his talents.

Talking about his daughter, Jamie used to work as a marketing executive in London. However, she decided to follow the legacy of her father since she believed that comedy was something that came to her naturally.

Johnny has been seen performing with his daughter several times both on stage shows as well as on social media.