Popular Movies Refused By Priyanka Chopra.

The life story of Bollywood’s Desi girl, Priyanka Chopra is no less than an inspiration for any individual. After her true dedication and extreme hard work for years in the industry, she has attained a position amongst one of the top-notch actors of the industry.

Later, she went on to make her mark in the Hollywood industry as well and achieved a great amount of success. While we still cannot get over the mesmerizing beauty and talents of this actress, there are times when Priyanka refused to be a part of some movies.

Then whether it is because of her other commitments or disliking of the script or any other reason, today, in this article we have summed up some of the popular movies of Bollywood where Priyanka turned down the roles. Let’s have a look:


Looks like there exists a strong connection between Priyanka and Kareena! After Priyanka’s fabulous performance in the film fashion, she was asked to be a part of another Madhur Bhandarkar film, Heroine.

However, considering the fact of many similarities in the two roles, Priyanka decided to not be a part of this film.


The Indian romantic thriller film by Abbas Mustan was one of the most entertaining suspense stories by the duo. With a popular star cast of Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, and Ameesha Patel, this movie was first offered to the actress Priyanka Chopra!

Yes, the main lead of Priya Singhania in the film was initially offered to the actress which she turned down because of her prior commitments. So, the role eventually went on to Ameesha Patel.

Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna

Another movie of Salman in the lead role! The role of Kareena in the film was first offered to Priyanka which she rejected again because she disliked the character in the film.

She was expecting a more powerful character in the film which was not fulfilled by the script and the role went to Kareena Kapoor.


Now this one was something that created a lot of havoc in the industry! The titular role played by the actress Katrina Kaif was supposed to be played by the actress Priyanka Chopra. For this, the actress even started shooting however, she walked out of the film because of her marriage commitments with Nick Jonas.

Post this, she was even referred to as unprofessional by the industry members but this didn’t affect her marriage and her decision and she decided to walk out of the film!


This film proved to be a game-changer for the actress Deepika Padukone in the industry. Her mesmerizing beauty and brilliant performance in this film helped her put a step forward in the industry.

The classic role of Veronica in the film cocktail was initially offered to Priyanka Chopra however due to her being unsure about the character, she rejected the film.

Race 2

The second installment in the ‘Race’ series was one of the mind-twisting movies that were immensely loved by the audiences. With an ensemble cast of popular actors from the industry, the film had various top-notch actors in the lead roles.

The character played by Deepika in the film was initially offered to the actress Priyanka Nick Jonas. However, she turned down the same. Though the reason behind her rejection for the same remains a mystery, if some sources are to be believed, it is said that the ongoing quarrels between Priyanka and Kareena during the time might be the reason for her rejection of the film.


Now, this one must be one of the most regretful decisions of Priyanka Chopra! Right!? Well, who doesn’t want to work alongside one of the top actors of the industry!

Seems like Priyanka wasn’t afraid to make this sacrifice and turned down the main lead opposite superstar Rajnikant in the sci-fi film, Robot. After her rejection, the role went to Aishwarya Rai.

2 States

Based on a novel by Chetan Bhagat, this movie gained immense popularity both for its classic songs and story plot. While this movie was supposed to have the duo Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka as the leading pair in the film, both the actors went on to turn down the role and the film eventually ended up casting Alia and Arjun as the main leads of the film. What do you think, would the duo SRK and Priyanka have been better in the film? Do let us know in the comments.

Singh is Bliing

Starring Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in the lead roles, this film got a lot of recognition for Amy in the industry. While we have already been in love with the duo of Akshay and Priyanka because of their previous works together in the industry in some brilliant movies like Aitraaz, Waqt, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, etc. it would have been a delighting experience for the audiences to see this duo together on the silver screen again. However, PC did not like the script and her role in the film and eventually turned down to be a part of the same.

Happy New Year

Looks like Priyanka Chopra has been an angel for Deepika to turn down some of the brilliant roles and letting Deepika emerge like a star in the industry. For the role of Mohini in the film, three contenders were approached one after the other!

Firstly, the role was turned down by Priyanka following which it was offered to Aishwarya who also refused to be a part of the same. Finally, the makers approached Deepika who gave a green flag to the role!


It was not destined for the duo of Salman and Priyanka to appear in many movies together! After the popularity of Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, it would have been a great experience for all of us to be able to see them like a lead pair.

While this dream could have become true in Kick, the actress again turned down for the role due to some unknown reasons.

Fanney Khan

Though this film was not able to make it big on the box office, it looks like Priyanka has forecasted the same when she was approached to be a part of the film!

After going through the script of the film, she didn’t like the same and refused to be a part of the film. A great decision indeed!

Happy Ending

Another film that was not able to perform well at the box office was Happy Ending starring Saif Ali Khan, Illeana, Kalki, etc. in the lead roles.

The lead role in the film was offered to Priyanka initially which runs a thought through our minds that it would have been a game-changer for the film if she had accepted the role! What do you think?

London Dreams

Another Salman Khan starred in the list! While we all know about the “unimportant” character of Asin in the film, it was pretty obvious for Priyanka to say a NO to the film.


This classic movie still resides in the heart of the people due to its high voltage drama, action, and romance. One of the brilliant movies of Aamir Khan, this film grossed a high amount at the box office.

Due to other commitments of the actress, Priyanka was not able to say a yes to this classic film and lost upon the chance to be a part of a 100 crore club film!


Now we certainly don’t feel a need to explain a lot more about this brilliant film! Another movie of Salman which Priyanka refused to be a part of.