These Popular Brands In India Orignated From These Countries.

We all loved eating candies and chocolates in our childhoods right!? Well, why only childhood we still do! Are you also amongst the ones who dreamt of swimming into the pool of candies and chocolate bars in your childhood!?

While you might have eaten various candies to date, do you know how these candies are made? And if not how, then from where these candies have originated?

And why only candies, but various other popular packaged items? Well, today we have come up with a list of some popular packaged eateries brands that you might thought were Indian, but rather they have originated from other countries. Let’s have a look:

Orbit – United States

A unique brand that came up with the idea of creating sugarless chewing gums yet tasty at the same time! Available in numerous flavors, this popular gum is widely consumed by people and is one of the most lovable brands owned by the Wrigley Company. It originated from The United States.

Mentos – Italy

Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De! Well, this is the one which has not only been eaten by people worldwide but has also been a part of numerous fun experiments.

This candy is one of the most loved ones around the world which has been experimented with by the kids by trying to dissolve this in coke and seeing its reaction. Have you also been amongst the ones who have always been warned by the parents to not drink coke immediately after its consumption?

The scotch mints are available in various flavors and have been sold in over 130 countries. Well, the candies of Mentos are sold by an Italian corporation named, Perfetti Van Melle.

Knorr – Germany

A popular soup brand that hails from Germany.

Chupa Chups – Barcelona, Spain

You might have come across the various quirky advertisements of this popular candy brand. They not only advertise their product but also tell various other ways to consume the same and have a tagline to take the fun seriously!! Interesting Right!?

Well, this is a 63 years old brand that was again owned by Perfetti Van Melle. The country of origin for this popular brand happens to be Spain.

Mcvities – United Kingdom

A popular confectionery brand that is famous for its variety of biscuits. Founded in 1830, this happens to be one of the oldest brands and hails from the United Kingdom.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – United Kingdom

Cadbury is surely one of the most established brands worldwide that are not confined to an introduction today! No matter what the age is, we always tend to fall and drool over the chocolates by the brand.

These chocolates have been a perfect gift for years for almost every occasion especially in India and are truly a loved brand. As old as 116 years, this brand has come a long way with various innovations in milk chocolates.

The brand has always experimented upon enriching the taste of their chocolates and has various popular variants ranging from silk to oreo to fruit & nut and even almonds and literally what not!

The brand recently came up with the idea of engaging users to create their variant of chocolate using any products. Though it was manufactured and distributed by the Hershey Company, it is registered under the license from Cadbury. The chocolate originates from the United States!

Wai Wai Noodles – Thailand

Ferrero rocher – Italy

Now, this is the one that we all have been crushing since our childhoods! Right!? Whenever we tend to see that golden ball of heaven, it truly is a great feeling and we can’t stop ourselves from consuming it. Filled with chocolate and hazelnut, this chocolate originates from Italy.

Kellogg’s – the United States

Whenever we tend to listen about the name of this product, the first thing that happens to run through our minds is the chocolatey flavor of Chocs and its advertisements brown bear! Right!?

We all have dreamt of diving into the pool of milk and chocos like that bear used to do in the advertisement. Available in various variants of various age groups and different flavors, this product has been a popular one worldwide. It originates from The United States.

Mccain – Canada

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, these popular frozen ready to eat snacks are one of a kind! A true savior for both instant hunger and guests, this savory has all varieties of potato delicacies which makes it the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products.

Nutella – Italy

Okay, hold your taste buds because something extremely delicious and most favorite from the list is coming!! Yes, this hazelnut choco spread is one of the most popular and loved brands worldwide and is widely consumed by the people.

Ranging from eating alone to eating with ice creams, sandwiches, waffles, etc this choco spread can certainly be eaten in any way! Its place of origin happens to be Italy.

Red Bull – Austria

It gives you wings!!! Red bull originates from Austria.