Offbeat Comedy Movies Which Didn’t Performed Well At Box Office.

Though there are various niches of movies in which the Bollywood industry has been entertaining us for the past so many years when it comes to comedy movies, it has a separate fanbase. Comedy movies are something which no matter what the age and taste you have, you will certainly end up watching and liking the film!

Though the Bollywood industry has produced innumerable comedies so far including some cult classics, however, there remain some classic movies that were left ignored by the audiences.

Though these films were not able to bag much recognition and collections, they still are a masterpiece that you surely would regret not watching on!

So, let’s have a look at the movies that you must watch to have your weekend well spent:

Supermen Of Malegaon

While both the poster and the quirky name of the film might push you away from watching the movie but trust us, this one will truly tickle your bones!! Released in 2012, this movie happens to be a documentary with a set of new faces.

The film revolves around the actual city of Malegaon in Maharashtra, India, and its people who have an extreme passion for filmmaking. The residents reside to make spoofs of various Bollywood movies and their hardships to do the same is beautifully portrayed in this documentary.

Phas Gaye Re Obama

This comical satire film used the name of a former U.S president, Obama. The film revolves around the gangsters who happen to kidnap a bankrupt NRI.


Though the film opened to good reviews, this film was certainly left unnoticed by the audiences. Starring Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Naseeruddin Shah amongst various other, this movie revolved around the life of a struggling actor who gets mistaken as an underworld don by the people because of his similar appearances with the same.

The film was considered an unexplored black comedy that you must give a watch to!

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Bollywood Calling

The title of the film is enough to suggest the plot of the film. This Indian yet English language comedy film was left unnoticed by most of the people. This film mocked the industry itself and also showed the dark side of the industry comically. 

Sankat City

You might have at least heard about the name of this film, right!? This black comedy film included various prominent faces from the industry. The film revolved around a whopping amount of 10 million left inside a Merc.

The strange mystery of the disappearance of gangsters’ money from the car is perfectly blended with comical elements which truly makes it worth a watch!


Have you ever forgotten about the details of your day as to what you did? Well, the protagonist in this movie did! She entirely forgot about the details about the day which made “Sunday” missing from her life. The film received a mixed response and was a mere average at the box office.

However, if you are truly looking for fun at your weekend, then this comical finding of the protagonist about her missing day is a must-watch.

Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana


Who would have thought that the movie would be named upon the name of industries? Well, though the title of the film might seem a mix of both desi and angrezi, this light-hearted yet romantic comedy-drama film addressed the various Indian stereotypes in a fun and comical way.

The story of a Canada returned guy and his problems including an unmarried pregnant sister, his hired ‘fiancee’ and a troubling mother after him to get married!

The various situations are beautifully amended together comically and there’s a lot more for us in-store in addition to these situations. 

Welcome To Sajjanpur

Another Bollywood movie with various prominent faces in titular roles, this movie is a must-watch. A remake of the old classic, Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein, this movie was both commercially and critically successful.

Despite being a success, the movie was not able to bag much popularity amongst the major audiences and remains left ignored by many. However, the movie had all the elements right from political to social satires, and its blend with comedy makes it worth giving a watch!

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local

Have your life ever turned upside down with just a blink of an eye!? Well, if not, then this miracle can be witnessed in this comedy film where two strangers happen to miss their last local which turns out to be the biggest bliss of their lives.

With having just 70 rs. in hands, the lead happens to bag a whopping amount of 25 crores. 


The crime comedy film revolved around the various cricket scandals of 1999, especially the India-South Africa cricket betting scandal.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti

The prevalent tragedies and series of events after losing a brand new car by a son were truly enthralling and a nightmare for any child in real life right!?

The comical elements to acquire a new car and also find upon the lost car simultaneously before his family gets to know about it was truly worth giving a shot!

Luv Ka The End

A gang of girls seeking revenge on the protagonist’s boyfriend and marking the end of ‘Luv’, the boyfriend is a good film to binge-watch with your friends this weekend!!