Lesser KnownFacts About Dhoni Actor Sandeep Nahar.

We all know that life is unpredictable but after 2020 we all really truly realised the statement.  2020 was not a good year. We lost a lot of near and dear ones.

Also we saw a lot of people in the entertainment world lose their lives including our favourite Sushant Singh Rajput most popularly  known for the movie Dhoni. It is still very hard for us to digest the news of Sushant Singh’s death even now.

 we are in just the second month of 2021 and another good actor from the same movie Dhoni also lost his life and we or our again in deep shock. 

As per the reports Sandeep died of suicide and left a note behind setting some of his personal issues and also mention about the inequality and politics in the Bollywood.

Today we are going to share some lesser known facts about the amazing actor Sandeep Nahar majorly known by the name of Parmeet Singh work, Dhoni’s friend in the movie and a very helpful guy that helped him in his career.

  1. Birth Place

Sandeep came from Kalka,Haryana. He did his graduation in chandigarh. He was the third child in the family on 25th December 1987 and his father Vijay Kumar used to work as a forest ranger for the government. 

  1. Struggle

After completing his graduation he tried his luck in acting. He shifted to Mumbai in 2009 to make his dreams come true but after some years of struggle he shifted back to his hometown. Came back to Mumbai in 2012 better prepared to try his luck again and he started getting smaller roles in TV serials.

  1. Career

Sandeep initially got some success for getting featured in Punjabi video songs in 2008. Soon after which he shifted to Mumbai in the year 2009 and 2012 respectively.

He has appeared in about 15 TV serials including some popular ones like Crime Patrol, Diya aur Bati hum, CID and Savdhan India.

In 2014 he got the opportunity to work in a regional Punjabi movie “Happy Go lucky” produced by Harry Bajwa And it was the year 2016 when he got his biggest opportunity to work as Dhoni’s friend Paramjit Singh in the movie Dhoni which changed his career.

He recently also appeared in the movie Kesari and Khandaani Shafakhana.

  1. Dedicated Actor

We hear a lot of big actors transforming their body and their dedication towards work but if any lesser known actor does the same they never get noticed. Sandeep gained almost 17 Kgs for his character in the movie Kesari.

He also had breathing problems because of the weight gain.

  1. Personal Life

Sandeep had trouble in his marriage in his suicide note and never used to discuss the same with anyon his friends too. He also spoke about the inequality in bollywood where he talks about how got almost gets selected for  a movie but gets rejected later on.

He also stated most of the people in the entertainment world are way too practical and have no emotions.

We could not even forget Sushant from the movie for his amazing performance and now hearing about Sandeep and remembering him in those movie scenes is also very painful.

With time everything is changing nowadays we are more connected with the side actors who add great value to the movie and hearing about his news is a  big shock. 

We hope things improve and there is more equality in the entertainment world and more actors get the opportunity to showcase their talent and make cinema great again.

Here we are sharing some of his personal pictures he shared on his Instagram account.