Controversial And Famous Dialouges Of Big Boss Contestants.

The Indian reality show, Bigg Boss happens to be one of the most loved shows by Indian audiences. Produced by Endemol Shine India, this show gained prominence amongst the Indian audiences with the release of its first season in 2006 which was hosted by actor Arshad Warsi.

With its successful completion of 14 seasons, there have been various contestants from the show who gained prominence with their love affairs inside the house or for various controversies and their arrogant behaviors.

There have been times when the contestants went on to say some dialogues during the episodes that went on to become masterpieces. So, today with this post, we have recollected some of the iconic dialogues or things ever said by the contestants of Bigg Boss. Let’s have a look:

Dolly Bindra – Ae! Baap pe Mat Jaana!

The aggressive nature and hilarious laugh of this Bigg Boss contestant in season 4 of this show gained her a lot of prominence amongst the audiences.

You certainly do not want to mess up with this actress if you have watched the episodes of this actress. Right!? Well, her famous dialogue during a quarrel, “Ae! Baap pe Mat Jaana!” became quite famous after the show. 

Pooja Mishra – Talk to the hand

The model Pooja Mishra appeared in season 5 of the show and shot to popularity after her fight with her co-contestant, Shonali Nagrani during the show. This fight gave rise to various memes that were shared widely by many people across social media platforms.

She entered as a celebrity contestant in the show and was evicted on the 8th week of the show. Her famous dialogue from the show stands out to be, “Talk to the hand”.

Sonali Raut – Main Bigg Boss House ki Imraan Hashmi Hoon

The film actress and model, Sonali Raut became quite popular on the show after her statement about Bollywood as “not very welcoming” which angered her co-contestant, S. K. Basheed, a Kannada film director.

She was evicted and later brought up by the makers of the show after her immense popularity amongst the audiences and finally walked out after completing 105 days in season 8 of the show. Her popular dialogue of “Main Bigg Boss House ki Imraan Hashmi Hoon” remains remembered by her fans. 

Vikas Gupta – Flip aunty!

A participant and the second runner up of season 11, he was considered as the mastermind of the show. He even made his comeback on season 14 of the show where he again gained prominence for his fight with a co-contestant, Arshi Khan, and immediately got evicted from the show after he engaged in pushing the actress.

His famous two-word dialogue from the show happens to be, “Flip aunty!”.

Ravi Kishan – Zindagi Jhandwa, fir Bhi Ghamandwa

The contestant from the first season of the show, Ravi Kishan made a separate fanbase for himself after his appearance in the show. He was extremely loved by the audience ending him being a second runner-up of the show.

We are quite sure that you might also be amongst the ones who would have used up this dialogue of the actor at least once in your lifetime, “Zindagi Jhandwa, fir Bhi Ghamandwa”. The dialogue still happens to be one of the most favorites amongst the audiences from this entire list!

VJ Andy – Aloo Bade Karare

Aloo Bade Karare hoshaava, Andy awaazan maare, hoshaava…oo ki kehnda hai!? Did we imitate the popular Shaadi geet well? Yes, we know it’s chole bade karare, but not for our VJ Andy!!

A contestant of season 7, VJ Andy was one of the most popular contestants of the show.

Tanaaz Irani – Disappear, Just Disappear!

A contestant of season 3, Tanaaz Irani was also amongst one of the popular contestants of the show and her classic dialogue that Bigg boss wants you to remember happens to be, “Disappear, Just Disappear!”.

Hina Khan – One arm distance

The concept of having one arm distance has been popular right from our childhood in school assemblies! Right!? And after the current ongoing pandemic, this has truly become a mantra. The actress Hina Khan became the first runner up in season 11 of the show and gained popularity for her fights with her co-contestant, Shilpa Shinde.

Her opposite nature from the ideal bahu that she portrayed on the popular sitcom, Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai, shook the Indian audiences.

Ajaz Khan – Badi Badi Baatein, Aur Vada Pav Khate

Certainly another prominent line that has been used widely by the Indians!! If you have been using this line and didn’t know where it came from, then we have the answer.

Yes, the actor Ajaz Khan was responsible for quoting the line during one of his episodes from season 7 of the show. He was entered as a wild card contestant in the show and emerged as a finalist on the show. 

Imam A Siddique – Time Out!

A popular contestant from season 6, Imam A Siddique gained popularity for creating havoc amongst the other contestants on the show. His popular two words from the show are, “Time Out!”.

Kamaal R Khan – You Are 2 Rupees People

The controversial king of the industry, KRK is not confined to much of an introduction. Right!? We truly saved the best for the last and his popular lines from the show are, “You Are 2 Rupees People”, which was even used up in the popular sitcom, Ishqbaaz by the main protagonist.

Akashdeep Saigal – Freakin Buzz off baby

A participant of Bigg boss season 5, Lakshadweep Saigal gained popularity after his portrayal of Ansh in the popular Hindi soap opera, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. The actor became quite prominent on the show for both the fights and his love affair with his co-contestant, Pooja Bedi.

Shehnaz Gill – Tuada Kutta Tommy Sada Kutta Kutta!!

Shehnaaz Gill – Tuada Kutta Tommy Sada Kutta Kutta
This dialogue by Shehnaz Gill went viral on social media after it was improvised by the famous composer Yashraj Mukhate. His composition on the dialogue shot to immense popularity overnight and its lyrics go like, “Ni toh kya Karun fir, Marr jaun? Meri koi feelings nhi hai, tumhari feelings tumhari? Tuada Kutta Tommy Sada Kutta Kutta”!!